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27/05/2024 02:03 PM
Diosdado Cabello: The AN is not chosen to remove a president

27/05/2024 02:03 PM
Cabello: The municipalities of Maracaibo and San Francisco do not serve the people of Zuliano

27/05/2024 02:03 PM
Cabello stressed that the opposition is setting the stage of violence for 28J

27/05/2024 01:57 PM
Diosdado Cabello: President Maduro has not fallen into demoralization

27/05/2024 01:57 PM
Diosdado Cabello: The Revolution's main advisor is the People!

27/05/2024 01:47 PM
Cabello to the militancy: Let's do the job of including someone who hasn't voted for Chavism in the 1x10

27/05/2024 01:34 PM
Disgust and shame! Cabello condemns the silence of international organizations in the face of Israeli attack on Palestine

27/05/2024 01:14 PM
Diosdado Cabello: We are at a high level of satisfaction with the 1x10!

26/05/2024 10:23 PM
President Maduro: On July 29 there will be triumph, peace and dialogue

26/05/2024 09:57 PM
President Maduro: Venezuela has been gaining ground in the construction of a new economic system

26/05/2024 09:22 PM
President Maduro: Milei is the creation of a great manipulation of Zionism

26/05/2024 11:17 AM
President Maduro highlighted the love and strength of the mobilization of the inhabitants of Ospino in Portuguesa

26/05/2024 10:27 AM
GNB located and destroyed 8 TANCOL camps in Zulia

25/05/2024 10:01 PM
Jorge Rodríguez invited the people of Cumanés to remain active and mobilized in the face of the elections of 28J

25/05/2024 09:00 PM
What did Diosdado Cabello say today, Saturday, May 25, 2024?

25/05/2024 06:08 PM
ANZOÁTEGUI - BARCELONA//President Maduro asked to add at least one new voter to every 1x10

25/05/2024 05:46 PM
ANZOÁTEGUI - BARCELONA//Cabello warned that the right wing will not recognize the election results of 28J

25/05/2024 05:31 PM
ANZOÁTEGUI - BARCELONA/Cabello to the militancy: The elections are won from now on!

25/05/2024 05:17 PM

25/05/2024 05:16 PM
ANZOÁTEGUI - BARCELONA/Cabello on 28J: It is the option of the Fatherland against the antihomeland