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18/04/2024 12:08 AM
Anguish gripped the position.

18/04/2024 12:06 AM
Architects of the Unit: Like Water and Oil

18/04/2024 12:04 AM
Bitterness and Despair: The Sad Story of María Corina Machado

17/04/2024 11:42 PM
They don't peel the deck! Longliners reveal their obsession with Diosdado Cabello

17/04/2024 10:08 PM
The path of the coup! The evidence surrounding the true intentions of the extremist opposition

17/04/2024 10:06 PM
With his candidacy, Rosales has achieved more enemies than friends on the right

17/04/2024 09:42 PM
Opposition has historically used the call for abstention to hide its lack of popular support

17/04/2024 09:40 PM
Rosales: Hopefully they don't call for abstention!

17/04/2024 09:38 PM
The empire respects absolutely nothing, not even international law.

04/04/2024 12:09 AM
Without honor! Longline runners and price analysts hit Manuel Rosales with everything

04/04/2024 12:07 AM
Presidential aspirations continue to flow like a soul in pain

03/04/2024 11:57 PM
Franceschi became romantic and in a letter he asked MCM not to fall into provocations from the “dog”

03/04/2024 11:55 PM
Opposition psychotics: Corina Yoris does not lose faith because she is a candidate

03/04/2024 11:53 PM
The Deck doesn't deceive...! Thus, Cabello has been exposing the lies of the opposition.

03/04/2024 11:26 PM

03/04/2024 11:24 PM
The opposition is full of violence and vendetta

03/04/2024 11:16 PM
Unanimously! Bill against Fascism, Neo-Fascism and Similar Expressions approved

28/03/2024 01:44 PM

27/03/2024 11:26 PM
Everyone against everyone! The opposition unit collapses

27/03/2024 11:10 PM
Delsa Yoris que Yoris