Chavez undefeated

22/05/2024 11:29 PM
Visionary Chávez: The PSUV is shaped as the vanguard of the people

22/05/2024 11:27 PM
Chávez Líder: Our revolution is peaceful, but it's not unarmed!

22/05/2024 11:25 PM
Chávez called on revolutionaries for organization and conscience throughout all the battles.

22/05/2024 11:21 PM
Chávez Invicto: Come here, here we will continue to build the Homeland!

22/05/2024 11:08 PM
Hello President: 25 years since his first appearance

22/05/2024 09:41 PM
Commander Chávez: The candidate of the right will always be a puppet of imperialism

22/05/2024 08:42 PM
Commander Chávez: According to the Yankee Empire, the genocide committed by Israel is not terrorism

15/05/2024 11:57 PM
Chávez Undefeated: There has been no coup d'etat in 150 years where the North American empire was not in the hands of the North American empire

15/05/2024 11:52 PM
Chávez undefeated: We are here to obey, we are here for the People to rule us

15/05/2024 11:40 PM
Chávez Undefeated: The PSUV must be a popular instrument for the Socialist Revolution

15/05/2024 11:38 PM
Commander Chávez: We must make a greater and better communication effort

15/05/2024 09:06 PM
Commander Chávez on Israel and the US: They are the ones who sponsor terrorism!

08/05/2024 11:39 PM
Chávez to mothers: Know that there will be a true homeland for our children

08/05/2024 11:37 PM
Giant Chávez: A revolutionary party must be politically effective

08/05/2024 11:36 PM
Visionary Chávez: Every revolutionary militant must become a builder of socialism

08/05/2024 11:09 PM
Chávez undefeated: I promise to dedicate all my efforts to fighting the battle for the People's Front

08/05/2024 11:08 PM
Chávez to the militancy: Let's prepare a media offensive, we are not playing alone

08/05/2024 11:06 PM
Commander Chávez: The opposition is unable to govern this country

08/05/2024 09:00 PM
Commander Chávez warned us about imperialism's blockade and sanctions

01/05/2024 11:25 PM
Aristobulo Istúriz, a teacher who sowed a great legacy in the Revolution