Chavez undefeated

17/04/2024 11:38 PM
Every 11 has its 13! Beginning of social justice and dissociation from the opposition

17/04/2024 11:24 PM
Chávez before imperial plans: Let's live up to that colossus that was Bolívar

17/04/2024 11:22 PM
Chávez Gigante: It's up to us to assume the role of the vanguard and we have to assume it that way

17/04/2024 11:09 PM
Chávez Gigante: The Venezuelan opposition and its elite are furious and full of hate

17/04/2024 11:08 PM
Chávez undefeated: This Revolution is not being taken away by anything or anyone!

17/04/2024 11:06 PM
Chávez on Diosdado Cabello: Loyal Man, Soldier, Brother and Companion

17/04/2024 10:38 PM
Chávez Undefeated: The People came to this Palace not to leave anymore and it has been demonstrated

03/04/2024 10:59 PM
Chávez Undefeated: We are obliged to prepare for the defense of the Fatherland

03/04/2024 10:57 PM
Chávez to revolutionaries: We must not belittle the adversary

03/04/2024 10:54 PM
Chávez Gigante: The Revolution Saved This Homeland

03/04/2024 10:47 PM
Chávez Undefeated: Eagles don't fly hunting, eagles fly

03/04/2024 10:44 PM
Visionary Chávez: It's not a story, imperialism!

03/04/2024 10:40 PM

03/04/2024 10:35 PM
Chávez Undefeated: The PSUV is Venezuela's largest peace army

27/03/2024 10:10 PM
Chávez Gigante: Never before in Venezuelan political history has there been a transparent Electoral Power like the one we have today

27/03/2024 10:09 PM
Giant Chávez: The PSUV must have the capacity to speak to the people

27/03/2024 10:06 PM
Visionary Chávez: The future of Venezuela lies in socialism

27/03/2024 09:58 PM
Chávez undefeated: Let's not fall into triumphalism, we will convince the undecided

27/03/2024 09:54 PM
Chávez Invicto: We are the guarantee of peace!

27/03/2024 09:52 PM
Chávez Undefeated: Today the People are the owners and lords of the national territory