22/04/2024 07:10 PM
President Maduro assures that imperialism ordered Milei and Noboa to attack López Obrador

22/04/2024 03:40 PM
Bolivarian Diplomacy for Peace: Foreign Minister Yván Gil coordinates actions and projects for the future

22/04/2024 01:59 PM
Chancellor Gil received the UN Electoral Technical Team for 28J

22/04/2024 01:52 PM
Russia and China reduce the use of the dollar in their exchanges

22/04/2024 01:12 PM
Train and bus crash leaves five dead and 15 injured in Indonesia

22/04/2024 12:54 PM
They issue a joint statement on dialogue between the Government of Colombia and ELN

22/04/2024 12:05 PM
Ambassador Gladys Gutiérrez presents Copies of Style to the Spanish Chancellery

22/04/2024 11:54 AM
Peru: Revealed that Boluarte gave additional budget to governor who lent him Rolex accessories

22/04/2024 11:03 AM
Argentina registered more than 315 thousand cases of dengue fever so far in 2024

22/04/2024 10:49 AM
President of Poland proposed to NATO to host nuclear weapons on its territory

22/04/2024 09:42 AM
Ecuador: El Rodeo prison director assassinated

22/04/2024 08:43 AM
Iran warns Israel that if another aggressive action occurs it will give a more decisive and stronger response

22/04/2024 08:04 AM
North Korea launched several ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan

21/04/2024 11:31 PM
President Petro: If the right wing wants to circumvent and disrespect the people's vote, there will be no understanding

21/04/2024 11:11 PM
Yulimar Rojas announces that he is making progress in recovering from his injury and thanks the blessings of Venezuelans

21/04/2024 08:19 PM
Venezuela's under-20 national team will face Paraguay in the hexagonal final of the women's South American

20/04/2024 04:59 PM
Venezuelan Yangel Herrera's Girona thrashed Cádiz and secures place in European cups

20/04/2024 11:35 AM
Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino: We reject imperialist ships in the Caribbean Sea

20/04/2024 11:22 AM
More than 200 international observers accompany the Popular Consultation of 21-A

19/04/2024 09:12 PM
President Maduro receives government delegation from the United Arab Emirates