22/04/2024 04:00 PM
GNB dismantles nine drug storage and processing structures in Zulia

18/04/2024 11:44 AM
FANB apprehended 3 Colombians who were illegally exploiting the Táchira River

17/04/2024 12:48 PM
Padrino López: The FANB is preparing, organizing and equipping itself for the defense of the Fatherland

17/04/2024 11:13 AM
FANB disabled drug trafficking aircraft in Apure

16/04/2024 03:05 PM
Defense Minister verified missile capabilities of the Bolivarian Navy

16/04/2024 11:23 AM
Padrino López: Guyana continues to play provocation

16/04/2024 10:17 AM
FANB destroyed camp and arrested three Colombians dedicated to illegal mining

12/04/2024 12:45 PM
Godfather López to the Militia: You can count on my eternal recognition

12/04/2024 11:36 AM
FANB participates in the fight against forest fires

12/04/2024 09:52 AM
Padrino López: They won't stop us in the fight to recover the Essequibo

12/04/2024 09:22 AM
Security forces take over Cipriano Castro Penitentiary Center

11/04/2024 04:54 PM
Padrino López: The Militia plays an important role in armed and unarmed struggle

11/04/2024 10:36 AM
Padrino López: The School of the Americas will not teach again in our country

10/04/2024 03:04 PM
FANB attends school in the indigenous community of Guayana Esequiba

10/04/2024 11:39 AM
Cuba will be part of two important United Nations commissions

10/04/2024 11:32 AM
Padrino López: FANB's healthcare platform is deployed in the country

10/04/2024 10:28 AM
FANB expressed its unrestricted support for the anti-corruption actions taken by the Government

10/04/2024 09:23 AM
FANB dismantled mining camp in the Imataca Federal Reserve

08/04/2024 03:06 PM
Diosdado Cabello: Guyana is led by a warrior government

08/04/2024 01:15 PM
Padrino López: Venezuela will assert its historic rights to the Essequibo