The Mazazos

17/04/2024 10:31 PM
Cat bag! First, Justice goes against Rosales and the philosopher points to Capriles.

17/04/2024 10:28 PM

17/04/2024 10:10 PM
Learn why María Violencia doesn't abandon the conspiracy path

17/04/2024 10:09 PM
Emulating Juanito Alimaña? María Con Ira's plan to sabotage presidential election schedule

03/04/2024 10:11 PM
You're not going! Find out what instruction María received with anger from the gringos

03/04/2024 10:01 PM
That's how they negotiate last names! This is what the “grandmother killer” María Corina Machado asked Rosales to support him

03/04/2024 09:51 PM
War is a knife fight! Find out what María Corina Machado's plans are in the face of the PUPU's “betrayal”

28/03/2024 01:44 PM

27/03/2024 09:24 PM
He swore revenge on the Philosopher of Zulia! Find out what La Sayo's strategy will be to sabotage PU candidacies

27/03/2024 09:15 PM
Perversity and egomaniousness! Learn why Corina Yoris could not register with the CNE (+MariaViolence)

27/03/2024 09:14 PM
They don't want her here or there! Find out what happened to the inside of the P.U.P.U that left out the Coris

20/03/2024 10:24 PM
Learn why María Corina had to sit down with Rosales (+violent plans)

20/03/2024 10:19 PM
Cat bag! María Corina and the PUPU entangled in the game of who burns first

20/03/2024 09:52 PM
Zero people, zero mourners! This is what María Corina's Command really looked like in Caracas

13/03/2024 10:12 PM
Excessive daydreaming! María Corina continues to bet on destabilization with “commandos”

13/03/2024 10:07 PM
He understood that it's not going! Learn about MariCori's plan B for the July 28 elections

13/03/2024 09:36 PM
Maricori bursts into anger! The gringos know that Maduro will win the presidential elections

06/03/2024 10:21 PM
It's not going! Maricori's arrogance sparks betrayals, fights and cries within opposition extremism

06/03/2024 10:19 PM
Desperate! La Sayo plans insurrectional plan (+funding from Colombia)

28/02/2024 10:19 PM