The Mazazos - page: 2

28/02/2024 10:04 PM
Nobody wants it! Maricori's Alliance and the Unitary Platform is coming to an end

28/02/2024 09:48 PM
It's not going! María Corina deflates and the gringos ask to discuss a plan to replace her

21/02/2024 10:44 PM
Everyone is fleeing! This is how gringos and the PUD seek to save themselves from the Maricori shipwreck

21/02/2024 10:29 PM
Did it come to the end? Machado begins to feel the breeze of loneliness (+Juan González)

21/02/2024 10:26 PM
It's not going! Find out what the gringo Palmieri is up to who unleashed María Corina's desperation and anger

07/02/2024 10:00 PM
Get to know the new script in MariCori's “electoral” plan

07/02/2024 09:44 PM
Boycott Rosales and abstention! María Corina's plan with her friend Magalli Meda

07/02/2024 09:30 PM
It's not going! María Corina explodes in anger at the US position that leaves her like the guayabera

31/01/2024 09:56 PM
Like the exorcist! María Con Ira exploded and promised to leave the Unitary Platform without funding

31/01/2024 09:55 PM
Desperate! María Con Ira trusts no one and insists on going to the cliff

31/01/2024 09:47 PM
Are there no choices without me? This is what G3 and the gringos think of María Con Ira's egomaniacal phrase

24/01/2024 11:11 PM
They left her alone! María Corina upset at not being able to fill a single block in Chacao

24/01/2024 10:46 PM
It's not going! María Con Ira worried about news coming from the US embassy (+Manuel Rosales)

24/01/2024 10:27 PM
The dynamic trio! Leopoldo, Guaidó and Vecchio seek to save themselves from a trial in the US in the CITGO case

17/01/2024 10:08 PM
Cat bag! María Con Ira and the P.U face the imposition of Magalli Meda as a substitute

17/01/2024 10:07 PM
Watch out! Radical opposition is a cover for planning hotbeds of violence (+CITGO)

17/01/2024 10:06 PM
You take off to put me on! Delsa Solórzano is lobbying to take Mari Cori's place

17/01/2024 09:50 PM
No one stopped him! María Con Ira passed without pity or glory through the procession of the Divine Shepherdess

10/01/2024 10:15 PM
You're not going! Learn why the “ambassador” Palma de Coco shook Maria Con Ira

10/01/2024 10:08 PM
Revealed! Maricori advances hidden agenda with bankers to implode elections