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27/05/2024 11:11 PM
CARACAS-23 DE JANUARY/Carmen Meléndez: We are ready for when the Clarín de la Patria sounds

27/05/2024 09:22 PM
National president highlights visual artist Juvenal Ravelo's career

27/05/2024 09:21 PM
Head of State thanked the People for the mobilizations in support of the Bolivarian Government

27/05/2024 09:04 PM
President Maduro: Peoples of Europe have the task of defeating the extreme right and fascism

27/05/2024 09:04 PM
National leader: The 1x10 is the secret weapon to win the 28J election

27/05/2024 08:21 PM
Head of State: National Government guarantees university capacity to 339,145 new high school graduates

27/05/2024 08:19 PM
CARACAS - JANUARY 23/Cabello: While Nicolás was fighting with the people, extremists were asking for sanctions and negotiating with imperialism

27/05/2024 08:17 PM
National leader: Venezuela is much bigger than that recalcitrant right wing

27/05/2024 08:13 PM
President Maduro accuses Milei of seeking to turn Argentina into one more star on the US flag

27/05/2024 07:52 PM
Head of State announces national workshop on the use of social networks: For the truth of Venezuela!

27/05/2024 07:46 PM
President Maduro: Venezuela has more than 200 social and political movements

27/05/2024 07:45 PM
National President: Social networks must be managed positively

27/05/2024 07:25 PM
Head of State: No one will ever shut us up, they can't shut us up!

27/05/2024 07:24 PM
CARACAS - JANUARY 23/Diosdado Cabello: Nicolás Maduro is one of us because he is a people who fight!

27/05/2024 07:16 PM
President Maduro insisted on the need to deepen the new communication system

27/05/2024 07:15 PM
CARACAS/ 23 DENERO: Our main weapon is the telephone because it makes us a truth reporter

27/05/2024 07:00 PM
What did Diosdado Cabello say on May 27, 2024? (+photos)

27/05/2024 06:29 PM

27/05/2024 02:15 PM
Cabello: Right wing advisors are committed to big business, not ordinary people

27/05/2024 02:03 PM
Diosdado Cabello: The AN is not chosen to remove a president