22/04/2024 10:49 PM
Head of State: System 1x10 of Good Governance approaches 3 million 500 thousand cases treated

22/04/2024 10:16 PM
President Maduro appointed Néstor Reverol as new president of CORPOZULIA

22/04/2024 10:08 PM
President Maduro: The United States does not approve a single dollar for development but does approve 95 billion for war

22/04/2024 10:04 PM
Head of State: Youth is the inspiring force of the Bolivarian Revolution

22/04/2024 10:03 PM
National President appoints Rear Admiral Aníbal Coronado as minister for the Office of the Presidency

22/04/2024 09:02 PM
Head of State welcomed the observation of international observers at the National Popular Consultation

22/04/2024 08:58 PM
President Maduro appoints Jorge Marquez as Vice President of Public Works and Minister of Electric Energy

22/04/2024 08:39 PM
Head of State proposes to hold quarterly National Popular Consultations for communal projects

22/04/2024 08:31 PM
Head of State: Venezuela will remain in the vanguard betting on BRICS and CELAC

22/04/2024 08:20 PM
President Maduro calls on the People to hold mobilizations ahead of July 28

22/04/2024 08:14 PM

22/04/2024 07:59 PM
Head of State: International press remains complicit in the face of assassination attempts

22/04/2024 07:55 PM
Head of State: Chavism is a living, active and unified force

22/04/2024 07:54 PM
Chancellor Gil on the US human rights report: They must shut their mouths! In this matter they are disabled

22/04/2024 07:32 PM
National president on US actions: Trying to hurt us, they hurt themselves

22/04/2024 07:10 PM
President Maduro assures that imperialism ordered Milei and Noboa to attack López Obrador

22/04/2024 07:06 PM
President Maduro: In the capitalist system it is not possible for the human species to survive

22/04/2024 07:00 PM
What did Diosdado Cabello say this Monday, April 22, 2024?

22/04/2024 05:41 PM
Vice President Delcy Rodríguez discussed international cooperation with the ICC prosecutor

22/04/2024 05:39 PM
Bolivarian Government attends Ocumare de la Costa de Oro with Road Plan