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21/06/2024 11:17 PM
ANZOÁTEGUI - JOSÉ GREGORIO MONAGAS//Chavism filled the streets of Maripe in support of President Nicolás Maduro

21/06/2024 09:41 PM
President Maduro: Javier Milei destroys Argentina with a neoliberal paradigm that has failed a thousand times

21/06/2024 09:24 PM
Head of State: Nobody is going to privatize the right to health of the Venezuelan people

21/06/2024 08:44 PM
Head of State inaugurates Virgen del Valle Hospital in the state of Nueva Esparta

21/06/2024 07:52 PM
President Maduro inaugurated the Hugo Chávez section of the Bicentennial Highway in Nueva Esparta

21/06/2024 07:28 PM
NUEVA ESPARTA - MARCANO//President Maduro: We are the same people only that I am the president but of the people

21/06/2024 07:20 PM
NUEVA ESPARTA - MARCANO/Candidate Maduro asks NuevaEspaertanos to beat up Patarucos on 28J

21/06/2024 07:17 PM
NUEVA ESPARTA - MARCANO/Head of State: We must organize ourselves in a perfect way with strength and discipline

21/06/2024 06:47 PM
NUEVA ESPARTA - MARCANO/President Maduro: On July 28 we patriots will go out to vote and win

21/06/2024 06:20 PM
National president delivered fully rehabilitated Dr. Tulio López Ramírez Hospital in Barrancas

21/06/2024 06:06 PM
CNE published a list of centers authorized for simulation for June 30

21/06/2024 06:01 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO//Cojedeños proved that this land is Chavista and will come out and win the 28J

21/06/2024 05:45 PM
President Maduro inaugurates the headquarters of the Rómulo Gallegos Experimental University in Maturín

21/06/2024 05:39 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO/Diosdado Cabello: Patarucos are scared of rain because they are not people

21/06/2024 05:37 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO/Cabello: The troops must be moralized in battle for victory

21/06/2024 05:27 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO/Cabello: The People must organize to defend the triumph of President Maduro

21/06/2024 05:14 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO/Diosdado Cabello: In Cojedes we are not going to collect them with votes on 28J

21/06/2024 05:04 PM
COJEDES - TINAQUILLO/Diosdado Cabello: This Town is ready for the battle of the next 28J

21/06/2024 04:37 PM
MONAGAS - MATURÍN//Head of State: I swear on my life that I will throw out the rest so that we have the greatest patriotic victory

21/06/2024 04:17 PM
MONAGAS - MATURÍN/Head of State: The opposition signed up to hurt Venezuela