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20/06/2024 06:21 PM
ZULIA - MARACAIBO//National President: I will not allow guarimba before or during or after 28J

20/06/2024 06:12 PM
ZULIA - MARACAIBO//President Maduro proclaimed in Zulia the maximum union of the Chavista force

20/06/2024 05:24 PM
ZULIA - MARACAIBO/Nicolás Maduro: My pilgrimage around the country is in defense of hope and future

20/06/2024 04:41 PM
ZULIA - MARA/Jorge Rodríguez on 1x10x7: It is the most powerful machine ever known in the history of Venezuela

20/06/2024 04:30 PM
ZULIA - MARA//President Maduro approved the construction of a solar energy park to guarantee electricity to Zulia

20/06/2024 04:30 PM
ZULIA - MARA/Head of State ordered the acceleration of construction of works on road and educational equipment

20/06/2024 04:23 PM
ZULIA - MARA/President Maduro to imperialism: They could not and will never be able to with us, the Revolution of the 21st century

20/06/2024 03:17 PM
ZULIA - MARA/Cabello: Thanks to the Revolution, the people of La Guajira are in full use of their liberties

20/06/2024 02:35 PM
Vice President Rodríguez: The United States seeks to attack and alter the peace and tranquility of our region

20/06/2024 02:12 PM
Opposition candidates sign agreement in favor of peace ahead of the 28J elections

20/06/2024 02:11 PM
Delcy Rodríguez: Stimulating migration was an articulated plan to attack Venezuela

20/06/2024 01:52 PM
Vice President Rodríguez: The end of the blockade is a national outcry!

20/06/2024 01:49 PM
Vice President Delcy Rodríguez: The irreversible time has come for a new international order

20/06/2024 01:04 PM

20/06/2024 01:03 PM
Head of State calls on the People to support agreement to recognize electoral results

20/06/2024 12:40 PM
President Maduro on the CNE agreement: Venezuela's peace of mind will always count on our signature

19/06/2024 11:29 PM
Cabello to the United States and Europe: Don't come with a supremacist air because we're going to send you to hell

19/06/2024 10:41 PM
The gringos don't believe him! La Sayo seeks to cover up the failure of commandos and the electoral defeat (+fraud)

19/06/2024 10:25 PM
Diosdado Cabello to Marco Rubio: There is no such thing as the Aragua Train in Venezuela!

19/06/2024 10:14 PM
Cabello to Miguel Henrique Otero: You guys are dumb and you are in evidence (+Con El Mazo Dando)