You're not going! Find out what instruction María received with anger from the gringos

La Sayo established herself as a professional liar

Published at: 03/04/2024 10:11 PM

Wednesday, April 03 2024

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriota Patricio the Maracucho

What was Diosdado? , How are you my dear brother? Look at Diosda do, I'm going to go like dermatologists: “straight to the point”, because I'm writing to you from the bathrooms of the headquarters of Vente Venezuela and here I also take the opportunity to get rid of demons. First of all, I still have cramps, I don't know if it's the auyama cream or the tamarind juice with mango that I drank this morning.

Aha brother, I have several atomic bombs for you, but swear to me that everything I'm going to tell you you won't tell anyone because they're messy things.

Cousin so you know, La Sayo established herself as a professional liar. After María Corina, alias “La Sayo” didn't want to know anything about Manuel Rosales, alias “The Philosopher of Zulia”, because she said that Rosales was a traitor and a scorpion, now La Sayo and the Philosopher are on their honeymoon, they go from meeting to meeting and it seems that María Corina has already agreed with Rosales that she would support his presidential candidacy if the philosopher names her vice-president of Venezuela in the supposed new government.

Given this information that I am giving you, we only know La Sayo, The Philosopher of Zulia, the US ambassador, Francisco Palma de Coco, Omar Barboza, alias “Head of Isopus”, you and I, so I ask you not to tell anyone. María Corina says that the Vente leadership cannot know about these meetings with Manuel Rosales since she had sworn to never negotiate with Manuel Rosales, but that is what she is doing to survive in politics and because the gringos are putting pressure on her to support the Philosopher and not the Philosopher of the Mangos. Primo, the thing is so serious that La Sayo told me “Patrick, if I'm Vice you'll come with me and I'll give you Delcy Rodríguez's office”, brother, you imagine Patricio in Delcy's chair, I don't bring you anything, but good dreaming isn't a bad cousin.

By the way, Diosdado, before I forget, I tell you that there is a problem with the leadership and the rank and file of Vente Venezuela. The most radical and extremist leaders are at odds with María Corina because they fear that she is meeting secretly with The Philosopher to support him. One of those who is the toughest with La Sayo, is Mrs. Corina Yoris, alias “La Vieja de los Mango s”, because they put her to the bone in the interviews, but on the other hand, La Sayo meets in silence with Rosales.

Diosdado the cock in Vente is very fucked up, people don't know what to do and La Sayo is lying to everyone, so she is left alone, some because they are afraid that La Sayo will call for abstention and others because they don't accept the pact with the scorpions.

Diosdado, do you remember that I had informed you that La Sayo had ordered a massive attack on social networks against Manuel Rosales? Well brother, you are going to go crazy with what I'm going to tell you: the US ambassador Francisco Palma de Coco called La Sayo and ordered him to suspend the attacks against the Philosopher of Zulia because Rosales is the candidate of the gringos, cousin imagine that they are going to pay the fees to JJ Rendón, the same one who signed the contract with Silver Corp. for Operation Gideon, to advise Rosales.

By the way, Diosdado, Palma de Coco said yesterday in an interview on a Colombian channel that the United States was supporting the candidacy of María Corina Machado, but that is a lie and La Sayo knows it. La Sayo agreed with Ambassador Palma de Coco, to make that comment to calm the radicals a little, that they don't even want to support Manuel Rosales' presidential candidacy and they continue to eat the lie that La Sayo will go all the way with the candidacy of the “Old Woman of Mangos”.

Diosdado I need your advice, I'm thinking of leaving Vente Ve Nezuela for another game because everything here is so fucked up, people are raging because La Sayo has become very messy. Brother, I am meeting in secret with the regional leaders of Vente who are disappointed in La Sayo, we are thinking of going to UNT to support Manuel, but I don't want to make a decision without first consulting you. What do I do brother, do I stay or go?

Brother so you know, I already took the Fairline 500 out of the workshop, it's already 100% operational, I registered it in the Bella Vista line of pushchairs, so you know I pick up quite a few passengers, the economy is moving and there are coks on the street. Diosdado on the weekend I went to Ana María Campos Park as you asked me to oversee that they are taking good care of people and that everyone is working as they are, I hesitated the show of “The Great Caribbean”, Madero Show” and “Las Chicas del Can, a verge of good that was, I danced more than a spinning top and saying more flies than a sucker in the mouth of an old woman.

Brother mom sends you to say that you can go looking for the bread heels you sent him to fix, that he has already taken hold of them and put the new fasteners on them.

Good God you take care of me. I love you more than some macaroni with lots of Bolognese sauce, mayonnaise, pecorino cheese with some mushy patacones, passed with chilled tamarind juice.