You take off to put me on! Delsa Solórzano is lobbying to take Mari Cori's place

Oppositoria Delsa Solórzano
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Published at: 17/01/2024 10:06 PM

Valle Arriba Golf Course, January 17, 2024

Patriota Valle Arriba Country Club

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooooo! Here I am with my country friends, we are thinking about carnival costumes, I want to dress up Cleopatra, you could be Marco Antonio, think about it. Please orrrr! Don't tell me that you're going to the Maturín carnivals like a small town. Well, my sweet coconut! , today I'm kind of upset, you know! , I am friends with my friends, and even if I have my differences with Cori, I don't think what your little friend, Delsa Jenifer, is doing to Cori, well, although I confess that the other day between champagne and cigarettes, Cori also spoke terrible about her, she made fun of Delsa's mouth and her way of walking, sometimes Cori is cruel, it reminds me of our times at the Merici Academy.

Baby! , it's clear. Delsa wants Cori's place and is lobbying to be the successor. The distance between them is very obvious. Delsa should be campaigning for Cori, accompanying her at her events, but Delsa doesn't even name her in “X”, zero, nothing, really! , not a gesture of support. Notice that during the visit to the Divine Shepherdess, everyone was on their own side, that only demonstrates the hypocrisy and falsehood with which they speak to the country of change and unity.

Don't be surprised that after this letter they come out embracing like sisters. Speaking of the Divine Shepherdess, baby! , that Sunday, Troy burned in Quinta Bejucal because Cori had agreed to a media show with Magalí, Claudia Macero and the communication team, but they couldn't. Cori was super upset because she went unnoticed, I told her “but hey Coriii, friends, you can't compete with the virgin, Cori, she's the virgin, how are you going to steal the show?” , but well the sister lost her sanity. She wanted images of “a sea of people clothed in love and excitement”, but the photos proved quite the opposite. Little eyes! , over there the patriot Rabipelado sent you a voice note, but I already told him to go looking for another job because Cori has his agenda hidden as I told you in the previous letter.

Part of that hidden plan is to displace, to bury the Democratic Unitary Platform . Until now, this plan is managed only by Cori and his advisors, it's called G.A.N.A Gran Alianza Nacional, baby, please! They want to copy Catire Trump from my uncle with the acronym MAGA. The truth is that they will sell in public that G.A.N.A is the instance to guarantee democratic governance in the framework of a transition when they remove Nico Maduro, but the truth is that with this Cori seeks to bury the PUD, she knows that none of the Platform parties want it, everything is a farce. Goddamn it or Joseee! , listen to me.

If Cori wants to leave Magalí Meda as successor, I have no problem, but I can tell you that she has a worse character than Cori, she does believe that they should eliminate Chavism and get Chávez out of the Mountain Barracks, I don't drink, can you imagine? If they outlaw Chavism I'll lose you, I won't be able to see you anymore. When I write to you I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab.

Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.

I'll keep writing to you...

Mazo News Team