Con El Mazo Dando: A Decade of Battle with Chávez, for Venezuela, the People and the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution


Published at: 09/02/2024 01:00 PM

The battles of ideas are the transformative epicenters of revolutions. The political ideas of theory and praxis are vehicles of revolutionary propaganda, to generate the rupture of exploitative governments; as well as, for the seizure and maintenance of power by anticapitalist governments. Revolutionary communication reveals the causes of neocolonialism and brings out the historical role of the people as a transformative subject of reality, born of the antagonistic contradictions of the class struggle.

Historical leaders overcame academic formalism, since their self-taught capacities integrated revolutionary ethics and the participation of peoples in favor of emancipation. Hence, the conviction to prioritize the strategic importance of the battle of ideas, as a decisive practice, to bring together quantitative and qualitative moral force based on independence and anti-imperialism, in order to forge socialism in the conscience and praxis of peoples, according to the reality and communication instruments of each era.

Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda undertook his continental independence expedition to the South armed with the printing press and proclamations. The Liberator Simon Bolivar, aware of the indissoluble hinge: union and victory, materialized: “The first of all forces is public opinion”, with El Correo del Orinoco being the multiplier source of patriotic consciousness, for the organization, deployment and triumph of the continental independence of the South.

Carlos Marx and Federico Engels eternalized the maxim: Proletarians of all countries, unite ! in the Communist Manifesto; well, it was unworthy to hide the horrors and violence of industrial capitalism, and with the engine of the class struggle they set out to overthrow it, to build a just world. Vladimir Lenin conceived the newspaper Iskra (the Spark) for the formation of cadres and the organization of the revolutionary party, and later founded Pravda (the Truth) to annihilate tsarist oppression and create the first socialist state.

Fidel Castro (commander in chief) writes in prison: History Will Absolve Me, an allegation of the assault on the Moncada and Bayamo barracks, translating it into the political program of the Martian revolution. In addition, I continue the tireless work of socialism through the writings Reflections on the various contemporary political issues. Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, in the midst of guerrilla warfare in the Sierra Maestra, founded Radio Rebelde, to raise awareness and incorporate the Cuban people against the pro-Yankee dictatorship.

Commander Hugo Chávez is the pioneering Suigéneris president of the radio and television audience with the program “Hello President”, millions of Venezuelan families watched and listened to him every Sunday, for the national and international defense of the Bolivarian socialist revolution. Together, the trench of Chávez's Lines in the press, with the objective of deciphering the lies and coup plans of the imperialists, the importing bourgeoisie, the stateless political class and the oligarchs who own private corporations.

In the perspective of continuing the battle of ideas, Con el Mazo Dando was born, led by Diosdado Cabello, captain of the Bolivarian Revolution, as a starting point from the historical roots of the liberating communication of peoples. Assuming, without fear and intelligence, the revolutionary media vanguard for the 2014-2024 decade in favor of the people, the homeland and the Bolivarian socialist revolution, it has been a journey to strengthen revolutionary consciousness and praxis, which gives no truce to criminal imperialism and stateless bourgeoisie.

Nicolás Maduro, president of the PSUV, aware of the strategic value of Commander Hugo Chávez's direct communication with the people, entrusted Diosdado Cabello, first vice-president of the party, with the initiative to wage the battle of ideas through a weekly political television program, in the midst of the escalation of terrorism (guarimbas) in the country during 2014 of the protected opposition of imperialism.

The people, the historical subject of Chavista consciousness and the driving force of the class struggle, have legitimized the Bolivarian socialist revolution, empowered by the government of President Maduro. In this context, Diosdado Cabello announced on the social network through his Twitter account @dcabellor: “We will air on VTV, ANTV and anyone who wants to broadcast it, I hope it will be a fighting trench for Popular Victory”, born on Sunday, February 9, 2014. The name Con El Mazo Dando stems from the shared idea of President Maduro and Diosdado, captain of the revolution, who unveiled the strategy of the program's communication offensive.

The inauguration and the first programs relied on minimal but all-terrain equipment, they were carried out in a small studio in an office in front of the Federal Palace of the National Assembly, they even had no technical room, the computer rested on the step of the stairs and the printer on the legs of the guard companion. The program was edited with a single camera, nothing to do with today's communication deployment.

The vehemence of Diosdado's revolutionary verb combined with his serenity, even though he had never carried out a national opinion program, but he knew the depths of the media power of the stateless bourgeoisie during his first government office as president of Conatel. The opening program Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 9 p.m., Diosdado looked radiant and anxious for the battle of ideas of a light blue shirt with vertical white stripes and a blue-black blazer, colors according to social psychology that convey intelligence, loyalty, power, communication, security and trust, it has surely been advice from the wisdom of his wife Marleny Contreras.

With El Mazo Dando I began with: “Hello my name is Daniela, I invite you to watch the video Raindrops dedicated to Commander Hugo Chávez” (written by Kris González Hernández) with the images of the rain from the cordonazo in San Francisco on October 4, 2012, then the video of President Nicolás Maduro highlighting the spicy Diosdado in the communication battle.

Diosdado himself appeared on the screens of channel 8 and ANTV at 9 at night announcing that the program Con El Mazo Dando is a trench of ideas in homage to Commander Chávez, since he had become the voice, image and defender of the people, to fight on all fronts, given that the communication battle is very important. He highlighted Chávez Amoroso as children, present in the battles of rebel February, February of the homeland, February of youth, February of Chávez, February of love for Venezuela. Diosdado spoke pounding with the usual verb: plain, direct and radical, without open leniency against stateless and imperialists.

Nicolás Maduro, Head of State, became the first guest of the program dressed in a red jacket and a navy blue collar, developing empathy between the two leaders of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution, and at the same time, they made it clear that the defense and consolidation of the revolution was together with the people and the national Bolivarian armed force, that is, the civic-military union macerated to the test in every terrain chosen by the imperialists, stateless bourgeoisie and traitors. The non-return to capitalism is the objective of the existence of Commander Hugo Chávez 's Bolivarian socialist revolution.

The opening program was on Sunday, February 9, 2014, then changed to Monday until today's edition remained on Wednesday. In addition, little by little, with the accumulated experience, the sessions were created and modified to the current guidelines . The sharpness of Diosdado, a radical defender of the ideas of Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution, and loyal to President Maduro, progressively strengthened the idea of the name, the people added “and to God begging”, revealing the stony conception of our Christian revolution.

The new task was encouraging to defend the epic of Commander Chávez's revolution. With El Mazo Dando, he has won the hearts of the people, even beyond the borders of Venezuela, entrenched in his raison d'être the revolutions of peoples for a better world; in unison with the voice “Alert, Alert, Alert that the Sword of Bolivar Walks through Latin America”.

The editions have forged their liberating communication history. On July 31, 2014, the first program was held with an audience at the Teresa Carreño Theater; on February 11, 2015, the allegorical wooden deck carved with parakeet wood appeared in the scenography on the desk, a gift from the Apureño cultor Nahum Fuentes; on April 15, 2015, we heard for the first time in the program the song Invincible by his daughter Daniela Cabello; July 10, 2015 was the only time that Diosdado did not perform the Mazo, Jorge Rodríguez moderated the program; on August 19, 2015 For the first time, transcending the borders of Caracas, it was held in Los Teques, Miranda state; on August 26, 2015, the Mazo rumbled in Angostura, Bolívar State, the city of the Speech of the Congress of Angostura del Libertador, and at the same time, for the first time, the musical group Palo y Cuero appeared as a guest; on September 23, 2015, the first program was inevitably held from Doña Felicia's maternal loving home in El Furrial, Monagas state; and on February 18, 2016, the negative bill of the week opened, Then the good news was added.

On May 3 , 2017, the #155 program with the tag #ConstituyenteXLaPaz carried out in the Ciudad Tiuna Urban Planning sector, Ezequiel Zamora, demonstrated the importance of fighting against lies as soon as they are committed. Diosdado Cabello, captain of the revolution, had to air a video of Leopoldo López at 9 p.m., as a message of Faith of Life for his family, while he was imprisoned as a terrorist in the Ramo Verde prison, since minutes before Leopoldo Castillo, alias the “killer cure”, had published the false news of the murder of alias the monster in the green bouquet. Lilian Tintori's wife and Antonieta Mendoza, Leopoldo's mother, had staged the media show, only the opposition knows the twisted criminals between them. With El Mazo Dando, he demonstrated the importance of dismantling the lies of the right wing in real time during the economic war and the criminal blockade of imperialism.

The first time that the Mazo studio overflowed with the town was On June 5, 2019, that night, more than 1,200 people from Portuguesa gathered with joy and fury under the hashtag #ChavismoEsDialogoYPaz program #255 , the Concha Acústica was too small. The opening, as it should be, was with the voice of Oswaldo Musset singing Yankee Go Home and Al Combate Me Voy by the singer Ali Primera, and the unpublished voice of Ramón Vidal Colmenares, National Cultural Award, singing the passages Llaneros Lucerito and Motifs Llaneros, to lovingly remember Commander Chávez's attachment to the plain.

With El Mazo Dando in the midst of the intensification of the economic war and the imperialist siege, the battle of ideas against the criminal and divisionist matrix imposed by the owners and longliners of private media corporations has strengthened. Truth is not private property, since the dialectic of arguments is associated with contradictions and class interests. With El Mazo Dando, he guarantees to clarify the conscience of those deceived by the psychology of deceitful people and of the large moving mass of the undecided, who, saturated and frustrated by political confrontation, assume depoliticization and flee polarization.

The celebration of the Anniversary of the Decade With El Mazo Giving (February 9, 2014) will be on program # 465 on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the month of the Bolivarian military rebellion of Commander Chávez's “For Now” and of the historic commitment to the defense of the imprint of 21st century Bolivarianism: Chavism; with the supreme objective of pressing, disseminating and consolidating the Bolivarian socialism of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez.

The essence and inspiration of the editorial line Con El Mazo Dando is linked to the validity of the Supreme Commander's revolutionary legacy; an arsenal of conviction and determination for Unity, Struggle, Battle and Victory: The Only Way of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution, based on the invincible spirit of the Bolivarian civic-military union, the forging root of the freedom, justice and loyalty of the people during the challenges of the 25 years of revolution.

The attack on Diosdado, first vice-president of the PSUV, is part of the strategy to defeat him. The implausible and false accusations are a bill of loyalty to Commander Chávez and the people of Venezuela. Let us remember that in his capacity as Vice President of the Republic, he faced the illegitimate and criminal coup d'etat of 2002. They also do not forgive loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro in the midst of the siege. The solidarity with the Cuban revolution, the respect and admiration for Fidel, Che and Raúl are least forgiven. The lineage of soldiers of the military rebellion of February 4 is based today more than ever on defending the revolution of Bolivar and Chávez.

Private corporations treacherously seek to discredit him, but the failure and frustration of the right wing are revealed. The filth of lies is undone: The imperialism that owns the world's banks has not confiscated any currency or exorbitant properties outside of Diosdado, because they don't exist. The false campaign about the “cartel of the suns” rather reveals the criminal business of the United States as the first consumer and drug trafficker; nor do those who disappeared from the Bolivarian revolution exist. Every day, the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Bolivarian Revolution clearly testifies to the plans of the perfidious enemies of the country.

Venezuela is the path of participatory democracy and protagonist of the people, based on the leadership of President Nicolás Maduro combined with civic-military union, the creative powers of the people, emancipatory science and technology, and the geopolitics of multipolarity. With El Mazo Dando, it is a sounding board of emancipated conscience, which has helped to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic, the commercial blockade, the attack on the Bolivar (hyperinflation) and the threats of military invasion by the Yankees. It is also a media instrument that has helped to firmly restore peace as the supreme objective and the rights to food, health, education, and work of the people. He has also been clear in defending the sovereignty and integrity of the territory of Guiana Essequiba.

With El Mazo Dando, he deciphers the manipulation of “freedom of expression”, which hides the big media from private corporations about news associated with plutocratic supremacist interests, which are validated by the investigations of arrogant cooperating compatriots.

With the Dando Deck, he has revealed the tragedy of racism and media lies in the United States; examples of this: a) The violations of press freedom, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists during the protests of the American people; b) The bias to classify the anti-racist protests of the American people in Washington as “dispersion of terrorist groups”, since the criminal actions of cowardly stateless opponents label them as “repressing anti-democratic groups”; and c) The repression and high consumption of drugs to the detriment of the people, and the complicit silence of the crimes that are committed daily due to the use of weapons in schools, high schools and universities during the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations.

The communication guerrilla of Chávez during the 25 years of the Bolivarian socialist revolution is in force, to overcome and counter the plans and lies of imperialism and the right wing. A swarm of bees was made for the battle of ideas, through the emblematic ones: the president's chain and With Maduro Más; Correo del Orinoco and February 4 newspapers; the Agitation, Propaganda and Communication (APC) of the PSUV; programs of governors and governors; the various programs of the leaders of the revolution. The Unforgotten Roberts; Kiosko by Earle; Giving and Giving by Tania and Aristobulo and Dossier by Walter Márquez. Currently, Con el Mazo Dando is part of the bee swarm that defends the Chávez revolution, together with community and popular broadcasters, revolutionary columnists, etc. Just like Telesur, Vive TV, ANTV; TV FANB, the City's newspapers, radio and digital portals, among others. They are the voices that protect the most precious asset: independence; imbued with Simón Rodríguez's maxim: “Either we invent or we make mistakes”. The communicational identity of the revolution constitutes the lever of conscience, to elevate the union of revolutionary praxis, in order to triumph to be free and independent.

The hegemony of capitalism in the human and social relations of humanity forges political domination by mercilessly attacking democratic and republican rulers, therefore, impose the miserable extraterritoriality of not investigating the war crimes of U.S. officers and troops when they invade and occupy the territories of other nations, for example: Colombia and Ecuador. The criminal genocide of the Zionist State of Israel against the people of Palestine constitutes the most aberrant proof of the contempt for the lives of peoples who struggle to be free and sovereign. In addition, Facebook invades the personal lives of users and Twitter suspends user accounts, eliminates followers or invalidates the texts of Re Twitter or Like; they reveal the interference and the imperialist communication dictatorship in the face of Chávez's participatory and leading democracy .

The theater of operations of the battle of ideas is unimaginable. The speeds of the matrices of opinions are impressive and the psychology of the cover-up of private corporations when positioning the normality of the horrors of big business today, such as: 1) The prohibition of knowing the causes of biological and chemical warfare caused by the Covid-19 virus; 2) The rise of fascism in the war of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and NATO in Ukraine against the people of Russia; 3) The genocide of the people of Palestine to date, more than 27 thousand people have been killed by bombings by the Zionist State of Israel, of which more than 10,000 are girls and girls, that is, 70% of those killed are women, girls and boys; and 4) The plan of Bill Gates and the Heidelberg Club, for pharmaceutical corporations and technoscience to develop post-pandemic vaccines with the aberrant implantation of microchips in human bodies, to advance the privatization and control of the health system, in order to progressively eliminate the poor and vulnerable sectors of humanity.

With El Mazo Dando, he does not underestimate the manipulation of radio and television networks, and of social networks, which have concentrated the voices of longtime mercenary opponents for salaries, staunch defenders of violence; since, they impose the matrices of opinions: Ignoring President Maduro, denying the causes of the economic war and the commercial blockade, and not participating in “fraudulent elections”; in the end they seek to justify the military intervention of the United States government Today, the dilemma of the battle of ideas is that Peace prevails over war. For this reason, With El Mazo Dando is an enlightening instrument in favor of peace; in the face of the guerrilla political agenda of the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Zionist State of Israel, who together with mercenary businessmen of the right are maintaining the blockade and economic war against the people of Venezuela.

Diosdado Cabello, captain of the Revolution, has been able to express the intelligence with humor of popular wisdom, and as a revolutionary communicator, he has managed to multiply the sayings: To God Begging and With The Gavel Giving; LOYALTY ALWAYS TRAITORS NEVER; Without Tricks or Tricks, The Deck Doesn't Deceive; #AquíNoSeHablaMalDeChávez; More Handsome Than Yum Wet Pelao; Go Eat a Sweet Hill; Rondón Has Not Fought; I'll Be Brief: We Will Win; and the most emblematic one dedicated to perseverance and loyalty for ten years “This Year It's the Year of the Guiara Sharks” and the famous one I'll be brief most anticipated: “I'll be brief: thank you sharks, champions 2023-2024, on top of that, I told you this is the year”.

With El Mazo Dando, he has the prodigy of reminding us every Wednesday through the video of the botanic garden, Commander Chávez's maxim, that preparing for peace requires us to prepare for war: “... almost 200 years have passed, since that Alert to the great leader, the great visionary that was Simón Bolívar, 200 years later, here we are, focused on this Bolivarian Caracas, to continue saying no to North American interventionism in our land... I'm going to tell them Something, there's a lot of history here, there's enough heroism here, and they know one thing, there are enough people here, and they know something else, enough balls are here, to defend this land, to defend this homeland from any intruder who intends to come and humiliate the dignity of this Sacred Land of Venezuela from all of us, damn it”

In short, the coming times will be one of relentless battle. Diosdado continues to consolidate with El Mazo by giving the ideological political formation of the cadres, for the defense of Bolivarian socialism, accumulating the forces of the civic-military people, in order to strengthen 21st century socialism in the urban and rural cities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the face of the aggression of the media hegemony of the right.

We Will Win!!