What did Diosdado Cabello say today, Saturday, May 25, 2024?

The first vice-president of the PSUV embraced the People of Barcelona
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Published at: 25/05/2024 09:00 PM

This Saturday, May 25, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello Rondón, participated in the mobilization in support of President Nicolás Maduro and against the sanctions illegally imposed by the United States in Barelona, Anzoátegui state.

  • There, he highlighted that in the next elections, “the option of the Fatherland against the anti-homeland” is presented.
  • “From a strong President, who is able to walk with his people, with the students, with the workers, with the peasants, with the women, with the family, against a string of candidates that you can't see anywhere; there is one who needs to be hit with an apparatus behind him and his crank is broken,” Cabello highlighted during the March in support of President Nicolás Maduro and against sanctions in Barcelona, Anzoátegui state.
  • In that regard, he reaffirmed the importance of the organization for the registration of the 1x10 ahead of the elections of July 28.
  • “When they (imperialism and the right wing) have blocked us, sanctioned us, tried to invade us, we have never and never seen Nicolás Maduro falter in the face of these people's attempts, on the contrary, he has put on his face and body, so much so that they have tried to assassinate him,” Cabello said.

Regarding the strengths of the former PSUV candidate, he said:

  • He also recalled that the sectors of the extreme right are those who have tried to assassinate the Head of State on orders of imperialism.
  • “Fortunately God has protected him and the People have protected him and that's how it will continue to be, as long as we remain united in this battle,” he said.
  • He stressed that the National President has always been with the People, every time imperialism and its lackeys launch their attacks against the Homeland.
  • “When there were no options here and they said in the world, they (the right wing and imperialism) with their media apparatus: 'Venezuela is going to be the scene of health chaos' when the pandemic, President Nicolás Maduro sent his people around the world to look for vaccines for all Venezuelans. Was there chaos here in Venezuela? There wasn't, because Nicolás Maduro went out to protect the people,” he said.
  • “You have to put the goal further, the 1x10 the only state that has more registered than Anzoátegui is Aragua, but when you see the number of voters you are not second (...) you have to register the 1x10, you have to keep all the details up to date,” he said.

He emphasized how presidential elections should be won:

  • “Brothers and sisters, no one can take victory for granted (...) this is won not on the 28th, this is won from now on”.
  • In this regard, he urged the parties of the Great Patriotic Pole to put all their machinery to work to win the vote. “The PSUV has its 1x10, but the Communist Party has its structure, the PPT has its form and structure, the UPV has its form and structure, the MEP has its form and structure, Tupamaro, Future, ORA, Alliance for Change, We Are Venezuela, so does it; let's all make that effort, there's no one left over here, on the contrary, let's keep adding people,” he said.
  • He pointed out that when President Nicolás Maduro talks about adding a new person who has not voted for Chavism, it is also “because a lot of these people are disappointed in the leadership of the opposition”
  • “So let's not falter in that and think that everything has already been achieved, we are going to achieve them on July 28, in a great popular victory, a great victory for the People against the bourgeoisie and imperialism,” he emphasized.

He warned that the right will not recognize the July 28 results:

  • “They (the right) are already saying that 'the elections are not clean, they are not transparent', as I know, that is a preamble to what they are going to say on July 28,” he said.
  • “Let them know once and for all: Zero guarimba, zero violence in the street! We will ensure that peace is respected, the peace that has cost a lot and which is one of the values that the people most appreciate, to live in peace,” he said.
  • For this reason, he reaffirmed the call for militancy to prepare for the great victory on July 28. “We are going to the streets, to battle and to victory, with (Simon) Bolivar, (Hugo) Chávez and Nicolás (Maduro), always together with the people we will win,” he said.

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