What did Diosdado Cabello Rondón say this Saturday, April 13, 2024?

Great March of the People's Victory of the April Revolution
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Published at: 13/04/2024 06:02 PM

This Saturday, April 13, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello Rondón, accompanied the People in the Great March of Popular Victory of the April Revolution, in which he emphasized the importance of the civilian-military union consolidated after the events of the coup d'etat of April 11, 12 and 13, 2002 against Commander Hugo Chávez.

In this regard, regarding the events of 22 years ago, he indicated:

  • “Fascist groups were always latent and on 9/11 they showed their claws against the people.”
  • “On April 11, they showed their claws, their teeth, their fangs against the people, against popular power, against Commander Chávez, they even swept Bolivar, Bolívar, which is a feeling that unites all Venezuelans, they decided in their spirit of exclusion, in their fascist spirit to erase Bolívar from the history of Venezuela.”
  • “They couldn't that day.”
  • “Today, communication is something else (...) The media of the time (2002) and the television stations exercised a monopoly and power in Venezuela, the newspapers that were printed exercised a power capable of taking out a matrix and making it believe, as well as of censoring the truth based on their own interests”.

With regard to the Anti-Fascism Act, he noted:

  • “Those who shout against the Anti-Fascist Law are the fascists, it's logical that they want not the controls that they want to continue with impunity.”
  • “Once this law is approved, we will be on our way to consolidating a path of peace.”

On the People and the Civic-Military Union, he said:

  • “There is no way, there is no way they can defeat or demoralize the People, because the principles of the Revolution will always prevail in them.”
  • “The mobilization of the People is an original expression of the great civic-military union movement of 22 years ago.”
  • The Militia “is a consequence of the need we had at that time, because we, in 2002, believers in a political process were full of naivety, we were very naive; the Commander (Chávez) had just won his elections and we thought they were going to let him govern, but the right doesn't believe those codes, the right believes that when they lose they have to take power”.

  • “Today we have social networks with the advantage of promptness, which gives rise to speculation, but also to immediate truth, and that undoubtedly helps the Bolivarian Revolution at any time.”
  • “This doesn't mean that the owners of X, Instagram or Facebook support the Revolution, on the contrary, every time they can they censor and suspend our accounts.”
  • April 13, 2002 “is that expression of love for a leader of a People, today that People are spread across the entirety of Venezuela”.

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