Watch out! Radical opposition is a cover for planning hotbeds of violence (+CITGO)

Guarimbas promoted by the opposition in Venezuela in 2014
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Published at: 17/01/2024 10:07 PM

The Patriota VIP informs us:

MADRID, January 17, 2024

My friend Diosdado!. I'm still in Madrid, I'm working out to get in shape, next week I'm flying to the United States because the movement begins.

Brother , what a mess he made last week with that of the journalists' WhatsApp group and the misnamed AN2015. The very shameless ended up accusing each other of giving you information and closing the chat.

I'm here with my informants in Washington from Diosdado Cabello. Today Leopoldo López arrived in Washington for a meeting that will take place Thursday and Friday on the topic of CITGO. They are seeking to do damage control because of the decision taken by the Delaware Court. The meeting is at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Maryland Ave. There will be: Carlos Jordá, CEO of CITGO; Leopoldo López, Carlos Vecchio, and José Ignacio Hernández, plus two advisors hired to do the lobby that seeks to extend the protection license to CITGO for a longer time and define the next legal steps to save himself from what comes when CITGO is lost, until now Guaidó had not confirmed his attendance.

But, the mess broke up in Justice First (PJ), remember that Dinorah Figuera is the one who stands up to the Americans over the CITGO issue as president of the ill-named AN2015. How is it possible that oranges, that is, those of Popular Will, are the ones who are operating the issue leaving out the asset control committee of the 2015 delegate committee? Tomás Guanipa is demanding that Dinorah stop “Will To Steal” from taking over this operation.

Bro! I warn you that campaigns are still active to generate division between you. The new story is that there is a sector of Chavism that wants to temporarily empower María Corina to make you look bad and detract from your credibility. The sectors close to Mrs. Machado are shooting this because they have nothing to say, remember, given the hopelessness of her disqualification, the best news would be a fight between you and Maduro, or the Rodríguez brothers, don't step on that comb.

In the coming weeks, a disbursement of several thousand dollars is expected to begin implementing “projects to support democracy”. They already have a shortlist from this world of media, influencers and thinkers to invite them to a meeting with the objective of establishing a plan that is nothing more than putting a price on posts (formerly tweets), publications, polls, and others. But don't worry, we'll have that list soon in a special deck for the program.

On the other hand, one of my lobbyists in Washington told me that in fact the Americans made it clear to Mrs. Machado that they cannot assure her of her authorization and that the Government of Maduro has complied with the Barbados Agreements, that there is no reason to sabotage the negotiation process. Brother, this looks ugly, I'm starting to hear “my chairaaaaaaaa, my sillaaaaaaaa”.

Today, Mr. Henry Alviarez, who was involved in the sabotage of the Essequibo referendum and defender of the interests of ExxonMobil, announced the construction of a network to defend the vote. They presented an image of a “powerful” unit, when we all know that it is an empty shell. By the way, your candidate Delsa Jenifer was not present. That 600k network is only a façade of what will be the epicenter for arming pockets of violence and guarimba, you will remember me.

Remember that I am your fine and important friend, change and go.