Warned war gives us victory! President Nicolás Maduro calls on the FANB to be alert

End of Year Salutation Ceremony to the glorious Bolivarian National Armed Forces
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Published at: 28/12/2023 01:14 PM

President Nicolás Maduro urged the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to be on permanent alert, “the enemy seeks to undermine cohesion, morality and unity. Warned war gives us victory!”

“We must always be two or three steps ahead of the movement of Venezuela's enemies. What objective are they looking for, how are they moving?” , said Maduro, during the ceremony of Salutation at the end of the year to the glorious FANB, within the framework of satisfactory compliance for the defense of the Homeland.

In that regard, he said that just as there are joint exercises to confront the structured groups that generate organized violence, plans to confront the Armed Groups and against the Colombian Armed Drug Trafficking Terrorist Groups (TANCOL) and we defeat them in Venezuelan territory, “so we must have all eyes, ears and minds, on the wings”

“The enemy seeks to undermine the cohesion, morale and unity of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Alert! , with betrayal they seek to stab the most beautiful thing you have; which is morality, spirituality, discipline and union,” he said.

He also assured that in the month of January 2024 he will explain with data and details, “how international and national intelligence and counterintelligence have worked and how it has given us victory; going two or three steps forward has given us the victory of peace, stability and tranquility”.

Mazo News Team