War is a knife fight! Find out what María Corina Machado's plans are in the face of the PUPU's “betrayal”

Opponent María Corina Machado
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Published at: 03/04/2024 09:51 PM

April 3rd, 2024. Mandrin Oriental Hotel, Washington De Diosdado Cabell

Patriot VIP

Hello my friend Furrialeño, how are you? , how was your weekend in the Guarapiche River?. Remember that last week I was in Miami, but I came quickly to Washington because things are moving, both in the State Department and in the Treasury.

Bad news for counterfeit, fascist and violent extremist opposition groups. I can tell you that the Biden administration, for the time being, plans to refrain from reimposing severe oil sanctions on our country. Of course, there is a lot of money invested in lobbies and counter-lobbies, that is, some to ask for more sanctions and others that tell the White House “more sanctions, more migrants”.

Brother, I always told you that everything is driven by economic and migratory issues. Gringo officials fear that by re-imposing sanctions at the request of the last names Guaidó, Borges, López, Vecchio and Machado, this will result in a significant increase in the price of gasoline at U.S. pumps and an increase in migration.

My cooperating patriot from the White House, tells me that Jake Sullivan and Amos Hochstein, are advocating a different approach to negotiations, they argue that the secure supply of energy and curbing migration must prevail over political change in Miraflores.

Now, this is what is being cooked in Washington. But at the same time, violent opposition will always play to harm anything that could mean an improvement for the Venezuelan people. They are still trying to put pressure on the State Department, and to get rid of them, Ambassador Palmieri comes out to declare. The poor guy just spoke endlessly, obviously, to generate a matrix of opinion.

Ambassador Palmieri had lasted a long time in his conciliatory role. Apparently he's competing to get on the same level as Toy Story, both of them are more lost than his son Lindbergh. Then they are forgotten and embarrassing.

War is like a knife. Bro, this will be the disaster within the PUPU and the division between violent opposition politicians, who began to attack each other on social networks and to broadcast private WhatsApp chats. Like bizarre children, they accuse each other of being traitors, hypocrites, disgusting, liars and even working for the regimeeeeeen, end of the world.

The truth is that the friends of the PUPU do not know how to explain to the country why within their own organizations they blocked and disqualified Mrs. Corina Yoris. They get more and more lost in their own mistakes, their meanness will leave them very badly in the coming weeks, I tell you.

By the way, in the Bejucal 3.0 office (read from the Argentine embassy in Caracas), there is still an open conspiracy, and I must continue to warn you responsibly: a powerful lobby is being formed to discredit the electoral process of July 28.

We must continue to warn that, there are factors within the PUPU and Vente Venezuela, who want to play violence, chaos and disaster. María Violencia does not want to participate in the elections because she knows that in the current scenario they are going to lose, her logic is “if the process is not as I say, it will not be elections”, they want to dynamite peace in Venezuela.

Now, if the above was a warning, this is a complaint and you should take it seriously. Diosdado, from Bogotá my cooperating patriot tells me that a plan is under way to attempt the life of María Corina Machado and hold the government of Nicolás Maduro responsible, they are mounting a false positive. Remember that today María Violencia sent a letter to 20 countries plus the European Union, warning of an alleged risk of “unjustified detention”, brother the plan is the “double V”, violence and victimization.

Put on the Diosdado battery, because difficult days are coming, but we will win.

Remember that I am your fine and important friend, change and go.