Venezuela participates in Algeria as a guest country at the International Fisheries and Aquaculture Show

Loyo highlighted the importance of technology transfer from Algeria to the country

Published at: 08/02/2024 09:44 PM

Venezuela participates as a guest of honor in the Ninth Edition of the International Fisheries and Aquaculture Exhibition, held in the city of Oran, in the Republic of Algeria.

The Minister of Popular Power for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Carlos Loyo, in statements to Venezolana de Televisión, said that the Venezuelan delegation will showcase the development that organized Popular Power has achieved in this area of food production and security.

He highlighted the importance of this event in African lands. “Algeria has a very interesting feature from an economic point of view: it is an oil country, which has gas.”

“But it is also a country that focused on building its own capacities to achieve 100% food security supply, with domestic production, very, very similar to what we are doing in Venezuela right now,” he argued.

Loyo pointed out that thanks to the work of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in international matters, Venezuela was recognized as a special guest nation for this ninth international event.

He indicated that the event highlights the importance of the technological transfer that the Republic of Algeria can provide to the country, in addition to agreements for exports to the African nation.

“We came to talk here, to explain what the Venezuelan sector is, to show what our fishing, our aquaculture, species diversity are and also to work in areas of economic cooperation,” he announced about the commercial exchange of marine species.

The minister invited female fishermen, and Venezuelan producers in general, to continue their work in an organized manner in Venezuela, and announced that in Algeria, the exhibitors present are admired by the organization of the popular body, in the Councils of Fishermen and Aquaculturists (CONPPAS).

From February 8 to 11, this international meeting will take place, which will allow us to deepen bilateral relations, exchange experiences, promote exports and activate joint cooperation mechanisms to promote Fisheries and Aquaculture worldwide, the ministerial office reported.

Mazo News Team