They left her alone! María Corina upset at not being able to fill a single block in Chacao

Unitary platform doesn't trust María Corina Machado
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Published at: 24/01/2024 11:11 PM

Valle Arriba Golf Course, January 24, 2024

Patriota Valle Arriba Country Club

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooooo! Here I'm drinking champagne to see if my head lights up a little. Diosdadoooo Joséeeeeee, * I still can't understand what happened yesterday with my friend Cori, seriously chubby explain to me how is it that my friend Cori couldn't fill a block in Chacao? Seriously, give me your version.

Well, my sweet coconut! , you don't have to be very intelligent to understand either. I've been saying for some time that famous advisors are killing my friend, I also alerted you last week about the new GANA platform because Cori doesn't trust the Unitary Platform and I told you, your “hypocritical” little friend Delsa Jenifer, whatever she says, is playing her own game.

I drink! , bone, without tricks and with a lot of love, I'm not fooling you, there's the result. For Democratic Action he was nobody important, the former fat Piero was sworn in as National Secretary of Organization, for faaaavvvvvoooooooooo couldn't the old man of Ramos Allup do that another day? ; the former fat Palmeri, representative of A New Time, was not there either. Your little friend Delsa, the lady from PJ who steals phones and the lousy one from Superlano were, they took closed photics, they said, but why didn't they get on the stage with Cori? , by the way I'm still waiting for Delsa to publish the photo of her with Cori, together and embracing each other in the Divine Shepherdess, capable and commanding to make an artificial intelligence montage, all of them are hypocrites baby.

I drink! , once again Troy burned in Quinta Bejucal because Cori, although she knew what was coming, did not imagine that the betrayal would be so strong, but Diosdado José, I don't understand why she had people from the Platform parties, doesn't my friend Cori have her own people?

Well my Furrialeño mango jelly, Listen to me, it really bothers me that they accuse you of things that are not, I told Cori to please stop accusing you of those stupid graffiti that they are doing to say that you threaten them, but more things are coming. Talking to other friends in our social circle who disagree with some things about the party, they told me that Magalli is setting up an agenda of actions where they will simulate attacks on VENTE leaders and other politicians who support Cori to blame you and my friends the Chavistas, I don't drink, not like that.

It hurt me a lot to see Cori so upset yesterday, I was there when she accused Leopoldo López and other unspeakable people of leaving her alone. Consequently, to cover up the scandal, the crazy Leo was responsible for activating all the spokespersons for the lice of Popular Will, the disheveled Luis Almagro, and coordinating international interviews to denounce you and Nico Maduro, imposing the narrative that they are being “victims” of repression and all those crazy things that they invent when they see each other lost. Carlos Vecchio called the State Department pressing for support, but they didn't even respond, because the statement they published was talking about elections and Barbados, but at no time imposing Cori as expected.

Well my gordis, I come with surprises for the anniversary program, over there the patriot Rabipelado sent you a voice note, but he's on the run.

As always, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab. Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.

I'll keep writing to you...