The second González Urrutia and his time in El Salvador

They are all seconds, caimans and carcamales from the same pond who will not return

Published at: 18/05/2024 11:33 AM

(ALMARGEN Magazine, February 1982)

The arrival of the CIA collaborator, Edmundo González Urrutia, at the Venezuelan embassy in El Salvador as the second of Ambassador Leopoldo Castillo, coincides with one of the most disastrous episodes of massacres and human rights violations committed by the death squads that were organized and financed from that diplomatic headquarters:

  • In June 1981, the New York Times reported the death of 200 civilians who were killed from an army helicopter that launched a hail of rockets and hand grenades on women, children and the elderly as they tried to cross the border with Honduras to take refuge in the town of “La Virtue” (El Universal, 9-6-81).
  • In July of that year, 50 Salvadoran civilians were killed by death squads in the town of “Las Vueltas”. All those executed showed signs of torture (El Nacional, 7-7-81).
  • The death squads that operated, following the pattern of Leopoldo Castillo and his subordinate pawn González Urrutia, killed nearly 40 school teachers that year. The National Association of Educators of El Salvador reported that five other teachers were murdered in the course of that month (El Nacional, 19-7-81. UPI-AP cable)
  • A study by the Central American University revealed that as a result of the massacres and persecution directed from the Venezuelan embassy, 300,000 Salvadorans, mostly peasants, had to migrate to other rural areas to escape the terrorist actions of these ultra-right gangs (El Nacional, 17-7-81). UPI cable).
  • As for the four nuns of the Maryknoll religious congregation, certain first-hand evidence was found that the American missionaries were savagely raped and massacred by orders of the Salvadoran government in combination with the diplomatic staff of the Venezuelan embassy where the “pawn of the United States”, Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, worked (El Nacional, 27-7-81). Inter Press Service).
  • On July 5, 1981, 96 people were massacred by the Salvadoran army, including 46 children in the town of “El Chaparral” (El Universal, August 13, 1981). Cable AP, SJ Costa Rica).}
  • During those years when the diplomat González Urrutia was very active in El Salvador, a report was published that established that toxic gases, white phosphorus and bacteriological weapons were thrown into rural areas (El Nacional, 13-8-81. Costa Rica AP cable).
  • On August 14, 1981, the allegations made by Monsignor Rivera Damas were published in the New York Times about seventy people who were forcibly removed from their homes and then found dead with serious signs of torture... He also deplored in his homily the massacre of 28 peasants that occurred at the Mettayate Bridge (El Nacional, 14-8-81). The NYT).
  • Monsignor Rivera y Damas, later denounced the actions of the death squads when they beheaded 83 people, including children up to 13 years old (El Nacional, 25-8-81. Cable UPI—AP). According to reliable church sources, death squads committed 80% of crimes in El Salvador.
  • The deaths of 22,000 innocent people weigh on the conscience of Leopoldo Castillo and his second son González Urrutia (El Nacional, 28-8-81). UPI cable).
  • All this genocide against the Salvadoran people included the active participation of the second González Urrutia, in addition to the funding and weapons provided by his real Pentagon members and the Green Berets provided to the School of the Americas.

The second, González Urrutia , held the very important position of Counselor to Leopoldo Castillo in everything related to the advice (advice) necessary to commit these crimes against humanity.

On November 24, 1976, González Urrutia joined the diplomatic service at the Venezuelan embassy in the United States, with the position of second secretary.

Later, he served as Counselor (direct advisor to the ambassador) from July 27, 1981 to July 20, 1983, a period in which the worst and most abominable massacres were accidentally committed in that Central American nation.

His record of services provided to Ambassador “Matacuras” and his bosses at the School of the Americas also includes:

  • The “Mazote Massacre”: 1200 civilians shot down by the Salvadoran army and the Death Squad (death squads) on December 11, 1981.
  • “Operation Rescue”: paramilitary and army deployment carried out as a “cleansing” measure in March 1982 that caused the death of hundreds of civilians.
  • “The Copapayo Massacre”: massacre carried out in November 1982 by the army as a cleansing operation to eliminate peasant population and eradicate guerrilla influence.
  • The priests of the Central American University who proposed dialogue for peace and provided statistical data to corroborate the truth of such genocidal acts were later killed by death squads in November 1989.
  • Everything previously reported occurred within the framework of Operation Centaurus, designed by the United States with the participation of Venezuelan diplomatic officials, to silence the voices of those who advocated an end to the war.

Throughout its history, the United States has been characterized by adding many Latin American seconds to its CIA payroll to hold the presidency of sister nations. To this end, they have had the assistance of several genocides, carrying out massacres and extermination operations as part of the operations: “Condor” (of continental range), “Succes” (Guatemala), “Just Cause” (Panama), “Operation Urgent Fury” (Grenada), “Power Back” (Dominican Republic) and “The Thursday Massacre of Corpus Chisti” (Mexico), among others, for which they had the following CIA agents:

  • Manuel Antonio Noriega (1983-1989).
  • Carlos Castillo Armas (1954-1957).
  • Adolfo López Mateos (1958-1964).
  • Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (1964-1979)
  • Luis Echeverria Álvarez (1970-1976).
  • Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982).
  • Carlos Andrés Pérez (1964-1969+1989-1993).

They are all seconds, caimans and carcamals from the same pond who will not return!!