The Bolivarian Government is carrying out actions for the benefit of the People
Monagas Governorate

Published at: 15/05/2024 09:19 AM

The Bolivarian Government of Monagas state is making progress in the rehabilitation of the operating and delivery rooms of the Dr. Elvira Bueno Mesa Type I Hospital, located in Aragua de Maturín, capital of the Piar municipality.

According to information issued by the government, this center provides health care to more than 52 thousand people, who will benefit from the installation of a powerful air conditioning system consisting of four units of five tons each.

In this regard, Franklin Cardiet, director of the Hospital de Piar, specified that “the idea of restoring vital services in this hospital is to continue to protect the people, especially the most vulnerable people, who have some type of pathology that harms their health.”

In this center, the first work was carried out in the Emergency Room and the Adult and Pediatric offices.

Mazo News Team