That's how they negotiate last names! This is what the “grandmother killer” María Corina Machado asked Rosales to support him

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Published at: 03/04/2024 10:01 PM

Wednesday, April 03, Cori's office in Quinta Bejucal.
Patriota Valle Arriba Country Club

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooo! Diosdado José, today my toxicity levels are high, so bear with me. My friend Cori asked me to come and help her in the office because this is lonelier than the Cori rallies in Caracas. Bone, hellllooou! , almost all the people who worked here quit their jobs.

God, Cori has me writing letters, making videos for her, this isn't healthy for me, but hey, we've been friends since the Merici Academy and I have a hard time leaving it. Although Cori always abandons his people, he once left me stranded skiing in Switzerland, just as he just left behind his payroll journalist Orlando Avenaño.
It turns out that Cori pays Orlando Avenaño (through Mezerhane and Oscar García Mendoza of the Venezuelan Credit Bank) $3500 a month, but she was enraged by the X post where Orlandito says that Cori is involved in something “insurrectional” and after a few days came the attack against Nico Maduro, one plus one is two and Orlandito betrayed her, that's why she doesn't talk about the investigation that
the prosecution opened it up to Avenaño.
But oh, my God, hellooooooooooooooooooooouu! , what Cori doesn't know is that Orlandito Avenaño wants to leave Bogotá and is looking to play political persecution so that he can be given a visa to the United. Even so, that doesn't erase how bad people Cori is, she doesn't defend her chicks, she uses the agent and discards them, with good reason Oliver López is silent and so is Richard Blanco son, those kids are afraid that Cori will get them into trouble and then not help them.

Well, Diosdi, I continue to work here more than the Chavistas on election day. Cori made me write her a letter for more than 20 countries, she literally asked me to lie, to tell them that you and Nico Maduro are ugly ogres, that they don't let her or the fake Corina sign up, that you kept all the cards and don't let her play, please orrrrrr! Diosdado Joséeeeeee, Cori is like that in real life, she always cheats. Once in the reign of Carnaval del Merici, since she knew she wasn't going to win, she locked the mother superior in the bathroom, that's who she is.

Cori also asked me to organize meetings for her with the Botox kidnapper Manu Rosales. She also asked me to write letters to the State Department, the European Community and the Government of Panama asking that they sanction or freeze the assets of Manu Rosales if he refuses to negotiate with her.

One of the meetings I organized was in Miami, where JJ Rendón was hosting with some of Cori's envoys. Diosdi, listen to me carefully, my friends, Cori is making it a condition, to support the Botox kidnapper, that he names her Vice President of the Republic, and that in writing I guarantee her the presidency of PDVSA, CITGO and the Mining Arc, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense.
Stalin and Barboza are also operating, they want to get off the bus at Manu Rosales. Stalin was on Monday with Luis Aquiles Moreno from AD and some representatives of Cori, taking Scots and negotiating.

Another task that Cori gave me was to help her to call for a “Global Protest”, I looked at her and said to myself “myself, if no one is protesting for Cori here, what am I going to do to get them to protest for her abroad”, but well, it's Cori with her constant incoherence.

Diosdado José, Cori doesn't want to learn and I told him. Forgive me but Cori is a “grandmother killer”. In 2015, Cori couldn't run to be a deputy either, so she negotiated with the MUD to leave a replacement named Isabel Pereira Pizani, who was 73 years old at the time. But the MUD played on her as it is now, betrayed her and told her that there were problems with the Government to register her. They betrayed Cori by nominating Freddy Guevara first on the list and Luis Aquiles Moreno second.
Nine years later, the same story is repeated, María Corina once again places an older adult as a substitute, 80-year-old Corina Yoris, and they betray her again under the same argument.

Diosdado José, take note and then don't call me toxic, last week I told you about the international lobby to confuse international public opinion and that's how it was. That will continue until the bottle runs out, but to that is added the campaign “those are not elections”; Cori is going to insist on the formation of the commands to hinder the election of July 28,
they want to provoke the government so that they are forced to put them in jail and continue with the narrative of depression. I already told you.

By the way, La Chiqui, my hairdresser who dates a PJ goat, tells me that on Monday, in the WhatsApp group of the National Board, Carlos Ocariz made a will accusing that group of leaking information “to the Diosdado”, he said that there was a lot of hate in the group and that the party was very bad. But the most delicate thing was the meeting of the National Directorate to decide if the electoral path was maintained, if Rosales was supported or if Maria Corina was supported.
The group of Tomás Guanipa, Henrique Capriles, Ángel Medina, José Manuel Olivares, Juan Requesens, Richard Mardo, Mayor Rafael Ramírez and Governor Alberto Galíndez had the majority of votes to approve continuing on the electoral route, but Julio Borges, Juan Pablo Guanipa, Carlos Ocariz, Juan Miguel Matheus, and Paola Bautista prevailed with Juan Carlos Caldera's proposal to wait for what the MUD decided with María Corina.

As always, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab.

Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.