Sovereign Field Fair benefited families in the San José parish of Caracas

296 families were served in the parish of Caracas

Published at: 20/03/2024 01:30 PM

The families of the San José parish of Caracas benefited from a day of the Sovereign Field Fair with protein combos, among other items.

“Today we want to thank our President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, for his successful food policy, today we are reaching a community in the Central Quarter of this parish,” said Richard Betancourt, coordinator of the Local Supply and Production Committee (CLAP), who explained that 296 families were served in the Caracas parish.

According to what was published by the Misión Alimentación press , the conference was attended by companies and entities attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Food (MINPPAL), such as the Single Corporation for Productive and Food Services (CUSPAL), Food Markets C.A. (MERCAL), Venezuelan Food Producer and Distributor (PDVAL), Los Andes Dairy, Industrias Diana, Red Venezuela, the “Argelia Laya” Processing Plant and the National Institute of Nutrition (INN), who guaranteed timely access for families to their products and products.


Mazo News Team