SAIME gives an identity card to boys, girls and teenagers in Tumremo

Conference instructed by the Bolivarian Government
Courtesy Internet

Published at: 22/01/2024 04:54 PM

The Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Aliens (SAIME) issued a total of 1,632 certificates to children and adolescents living in the Tumremo sector, Sifontes municipality, Bolívar state.

This is the result of a special identification operation carried out on instructions from the Bolivarian Government.

According to a press release from the organization, the action was organized to guarantee the identity rights of all residents of this Venezuelan population, which during 2024 has managed to provide 1,539 identity cards.

In addition, 93 citizens belonging to indigenous ethnic groups of the entity renewed their birth certificates and other identification documents.

The operation involved the participation of officials from various local and national organizations, including members of the National Electoral Council (CNE), who are responsible for ensuring the development of this service, available on a permanent basis since December 2023.

Mazo News Team