Revealed! Maricori advances hidden agenda with bankers to implode elections

The Disabled María Corina Machado
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Published at: 10/01/2024 10:08 PM

Valle Arriba Golf Course, January 10, 2024

Patriota Valle Arriba
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Gordooooooooooooooooooooo! You know! new year, new life.

After spending Christmas in Furrial York and New Year's in Punta Cana, I come back with more energy. I got straight to the gym, because I drank a lot of champagne and ate a lot of caviar, I got some rolls, by the way, have you already signed up for the gym? , see that this year we are going to add you as a guest member to the club but you must be in shape, here the chubby people look ugly.

Well, my sweet coconut! , we have reached 2024 and this is the end. Since last year I noticed that my friend Cori was being led down the road to perdition, time proved me right. Her advisors led her through the destruction without her realizing it. It was a miscalculation to seal alliances with the bosses of Popular Will and other toxic factors of the opposition, not to mention that abrupt change in discourse, in short, it was the beginning of the end.

Speaking of change in speech, Diosdado José, please! Tell me the truth are you talking to Cori? , she says she's negotiating with you, well God, you have the right to do it, but that makes me sooooooooooooo jealous, isn't it that María Corina wants to run for the PSUV to be qualified? , diiiiiimeeeeee the truth ddddddd, God of Joseph, tell me the truth aaaaaaaaaaaa.

Look, Diosdi, having to name a successor or successor will not be easy for my friend, she is denied this possibility. Last week I was playing basket, by the way do you play cards? I suppose you'll play tricks and stuff like a small town. Well, I got myself an entrepreneur linked to the Unitary Platform and he told me that they will try to impose Gerardo Blyde as a candidate mainly because of the unpresentable Ramos Allup, but when the time comes, if there is no other choice, Cori will impose more reliable on his record, you know who he is, we talked about it on the 24th remember it, although gordoooooo! Mrs. Arocha never ceases to visit Bejucal, she is quite a careerist.

Diosdado, listen to me. Few people know that Cori has a hidden agenda, which runs directly between her and the bankers who finance her, some former presidents of the IDEA group, Colombian allies and business groups interested in investing in Venezuela if she were president. This agenda is being carried behind the backs of my American friends and Cori's political allies, the objective is that since she cannot be a candidate, she will try to implode the elections and increase the cost of her exit. Among the tasks he is carrying out are: 1) Increasing the international narrative about human rights violations and presenting Venezuela as a failed State, the test balloon was recently launched with the help of the IACHR and his friend Almagro, selling the case of Oscar Pérez as a “massacre”; 2) Increasing pressure for the International Criminal Court to rule against the Government; 3) Stimulating protests across the country under the excuse of social demands; 4) Imploding Barbados; 5) Buying union leaders, mayors, councilors, deputies to play to political destabilization under the promise that they will be their candidates in the regional elections, the latter he does with the help of the mayor of Hatillo.

Moving on to another topic, I was in the sauna detoxifying myself and the Angry Patriot wrote to me, he left you a voice note which I send you back.

God, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab. Well, miss me, remember that you are my little fiufiu baby.

I'll keep writing to you...

Mazo News Team