President Maduro to the opposition: The Bolivarian Revolution will always win!

Gran Caravan Nacional Furia Bolivariana

Published at: 04/02/2024 01:40 PM

This Sunday, during the words offered by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro at the closing of the Great National Caravan and mobilization for the commemoration of the Day of Dignity, he sent a message to the opposition: “The Bolivarian Revolution will always win, we will always win. By hook or by crook (...) We will always win!”

President Maduro added that “if what we have experienced in 32 years has been beautiful, the more beautiful will be what we are going to experience in the years of greatness and prosperity that come to our country. We must be persevering and insistent as we are. Because this is the path of the Fatherland, the path of Chávez, and we are on the right side of history.”

Last year we thwarted five conspiracies, we defeated them (the opposition) time after time. “We are ready for any surprise, for any invention. I always tell the people and it has been going well for us: in the face of any circumstance calm and sanity, nerves of steel and maximum civic and military unity and mobilization,” he said.

He added that “these surnames are driven by hatred and the spirit of revenge. I just tell them that it's time for them to learn and to respect and if they don't we must be prepared to make ourselves respected.”

Mazo News Team