President Maduro thanked Cojedes, Trujillo and Sucre for the Revolution's support: Venezuela is in your hands!

“How beautiful it is to be reunited with you sisters and brothers and it's just a 'beginning, '” said the head of state

Published at: 03/05/2024 08:13 PM

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, expressed his gratitude to the Peoples of the Cojedes, Trujillo and Sucre states, for their expressions of support and for mobilizing in the streets to demand that U.S. imperialism lift illegal sanctions against Venezuela.

Through his account on the social network X, he mentioned the reception of communities in the state of Cojedes, where he traveled in the afternoon of this Friday, May 03, to oversee the Field Period and Maneuvers of the UMBV 2024 Campaign “The Essequibo is Ours”.

In the message, he stressed that “the Town of Tinaco in Cojedes surprised me in the streets and surprised me with this reception, how beautiful it is to meet you sisters and brothers and it is just a 'beginning, 'with this same enthusiasm we are united and united towards the future of the brilliant country”.

He also highlighted that the mobilization carried out in Andean land, about which he stated: “Great wave of love and courage in Trujillo!”

“It's what you can see and feel in these beautiful people in the Valera municipality, it's their strength and courage that keeps us strong, with that desire to move forward and ready to build the prosperous future of our Venezuelan people,” he said.

In another message, the head of state expressed his gratitude for the displays of affection of the people of Sucre state.

“I am deeply grateful and moved by the town of Marigüitar, in the state of Sucre, how much energy, strength and love they transmit to me. Now we are going to the bright future, because Venezuela is in the hands of you, victorious men and women. I hug you!” , he said.

Mazo News Team