President Maduro orders the Bolivarian Militia to actively join the BTA

Great March of the People's Victory of the April Revolution
Presidential Press Photo

Published at: 13/04/2024 04:46 PM

This Saturday, April 13, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the Bolivarian National Militia to join the formation of the Territorial Action Brigades (BTA) of the Great Hugo Chávez Justice and Equality Mission.

“I want the Militias to shoulder the BTA, I want to see you militiamen, I ask you for the Fatherland, for our People,” said the Head of State during the Great March of Popular Victory of the April Revolution.

He stated that this Great Mission aims to “heal the wounds of war and with love to protect the victims of economic war, criminal sanctions, blockade”.

He highlighted that the registration of the formation of the BTA will take place until April 30 throughout the country. At the same time, he specified that the goal is to form at least 46,000 BTA.

Mazo News Team