President Maduro invites you to register with the Territorial Brigades for Action

President Nicolás Maduro

Published at: 06/04/2024 10:04 AM

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, once again invited the People to register with the Territorial Brigades for Action (BTA).

“Take note... You are invited and invited... We are going with the Great Mission Equality and Social Justice “Hugo Chávez”, with all its vertices and issues of work, education, health, housing, habitat, urban planning and more. This is a big and very important step... “, he said through the social network X.

The registration, which ends on April 6, community heads must download to their mobile phone the QR code that will be available on the Patria platform, hold the meetings in the communities, draw up the minutes of the formation of the BTA, which must then be registered, among other steps to follow to officially complete its formation.

Mazo News Team