President Maduro: “I congratulate the Community Councils, what a well-earned and defended freedom”

National Popular Consultation 2024
Photo: Social Network X

Published at: 21/04/2024 01:13 PM

President Nicolás Maduro highlighted the participatory and leading role of the Venezuelan people who came out to vote for the best projects for their communities in the National Popular Consultation, affirming that true democracy is what gives voice to Popular Power.

“The People making their decisions, demonstrating that we are in direct, participatory and leading democracy, we have a leading, empowered people, Popular Power at the forefront,” said the Head of State during a telephone contact with Venezolana de Televisión.

Maduro described this Sunday, April 21, as a historic day when the People's Power is deciding on projects for its community, “that's the way it should be for now and forever, may God bless our beloved people.”

He also said that this experience of National Popular Consultation must be multiplied and made a permanent practice, on a daily basis.

“A true democracy is one that trusts ordinary people, gives them a voice, a word and the right to decide their affairs as neighbors,” he said.

Maduro congratulated all the Community Councils, the 4,500 communal circuits, “it shows that we live in participatory and leading democracy. What a well-earned and defended freedom!

Mazo News Team