President Maduro announces new arrests for corruption scheme

Remarks by the Head of State

Published at: 13/04/2024 04:33 PM

“I have personally led the corruption investigation that all of you have known for more than a year. I fully attest to all the evidence presented by the prosecution. In the course of these hours, new evidence, testimonies have appeared and new corrupt people have been captured, traitors who go to the pot for having betrayed the people,” said the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, this Saturday, April 13, since the closing ceremony of the commemoration of the Day of National Dignity.

He added that “in the merciless battle against corruption and treason, I have been the victim of the worst you can have. They stabbed me in the back, people in whom I fully trusted and who believed that power belonged to them and they forgot about the People, they not only stabbed me, but also the noble People and the Homeland.”

The Head of State asked the People for all their support in the fight against corruption, the cancer of treason and the actions of the Attorney General of the Republic “whoever falls. I'm going pa' lante with an iron fist.”

Mazo News Team