No one stopped him! María Con Ira passed without pity or glory through the procession of the Divine Shepherdess

María con Ira regretted having done it and it was evident in front of everyone

Published at: 17/01/2024 09:50 PM


Hello, Compa! Happy New Year! I'm happy to greet you. I have an incredible gossip to tell you. I accompanied the “candidate” María Violencia Machado in the procession of the Divine Shepherdess. There I am sending you a video where you can see that absolutely NO ONE was paying attention to this lady. It was really ridiculous to watch her walk. In the end, he even regretted doing it and it was evident in front of everyone. When he finished walking, the communications team didn't know what photos and videos to post on social media because they didn't have anything good. She insisted on sharing the best, since she had announced this in a great way. Well, here's what they posted. Take a good look, she's like just another one in a crowd. Pathetic, isn't it?

Henry Alviárez, who acts as the “assistant” of the “candidate”, is a native of Lara State, and not even an aunt greeted him. The “candidate” was furious with him in the end, because it was he who convinced her to participate in the procession.

I'll keep you posted, Compa... By the way, Chatarrita is angry with you because you have exposed him regarding the request that he and Primero Justicia made about sanctions. I'll tell you more details next week.