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The Government is making progress in actions that benefit the People

Published at: 29/04/2024 09:04 AM

A total of 14 people from Monagua benefited from a day of the Regional Surgical Plan “More Life, More Health”, held in the Emergency and Central Operating Room of the “Dr. Manuel Núñe Tovar” University Hospital (HUMazo News Team).

The operated patients were diagnosed with gallstone disease, so they underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy, reported Osmary López, head of the Department of Registration and Statistics at the Maturín Central Hospital, who also explained that the people prioritized in these interventions received medical-surgical supplies free of charge.

“We can say that the surgical procedures we perform at this hospital don't stop. On the contrary, they have been intensified with the cases reported through the VenApp 1x10 Good Governance application, a mechanism for reaching out and responding effectively and directly to the population by President Nicolás Maduro. Hence the healthcare solutions we provide to patients,” he said.

Mazo News Team