National President: Venezuela recorded its lowest inflation in 14 years in March despite sanctions

Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Presidential Press

Published at: 17/04/2024 07:50 PM

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted that Venezuela registered the lowest inflation in the last 14 years in March, despite illegal sanctions imposed by the United States Government.

“We set out to slow down hyperinflation and in the month of March we are obtaining the lowest inflation in fourteen years in Venezuela, little by little they are already solid trends,” said the Head of State during I Expo Venezuela Produce 2024, held at the “Batalla de Araure” Airport, located in the Portuguese state.

He reiterated the determination of the Bolivarian Government to propose methods to advance production from all sectors of the country to generate “more profit, more wealth, to have money and continue to improve the income of workers in Venezuela.”

In that regard, he reiterated that in the face of the imposed sanctions, Venezuela aims to double State revenues.

In the face of the threats, the sanctions that they think frighten us, there is no sanction, there is no threat that today will harm the effort to build a new productive economic model because today we don't depend on anyone in this world, we only depend on our efforts, on our work, on the union we have, on our wisdom, on national good will,” he said.

Mazo News Team