National President: Bolivarian Government has dismantled four conspiracies in 2024

“All financed from Miami by the gringos,” said the head of state

Published at: 01/04/2024 08:00 PM

This Monday, April 01, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured that in the course of 2024, the Bolivarian Government has dismantled four conspiracies.

“All funded from Miami by gringos. All the conspiracies, all five from last year and all four from this year,” he said.

He also maintained that “all of them are prepared and directed from Colombia, by the secret base of the DEA, the CIA and the FBI.”

The National President assured that “I reserve it for the next few days, I have the names, surnames, positions they held of high-level officials who were in previous governments of Uribe Vélez and Iván Duque and are leading the entire campaign and conspiracy against Venezuela.”

“Fortunately God is with us, who is against us?” , he said.

During the broadcast of broadcast number 39, of his program “Con Maduro+ “, he stressed that the extreme right, “seek to generate hatred, discomfort, and they ride on hate and give a blow, fill the country with violence,” he said.

Mazo News Team