Ministry of Tourism announces scientific route in Mérida

Actions to boost domestic tourism
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Published at: 14/04/2024 07:54 PM

The minister of the. Popular Power for Tourism, Ali Padrón, announced that the opening of Venezuela's first scientific tourist route in Mérida is being evaluated.

The information was provided by the holder of the ministerial portfolio at a meeting at the entity with service providers and tourism authorities, where he reported that 23 routes are being studied in Mérida to be certified.

He explained that the project includes a visit to the town of Llano del Hato, where the National Astronomical Observatory and the International Center for Astronomy (CIDA) are located.

Padrón announced that, together with the Ministry of Transport, they are evaluating the opening of two more flights to Alberto Carnevali airport. “With two different planes, with which they would be extended to four weekly flights to the city of Mérida,” he added, quoted by the ministry's press.

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