Ministry of Health continues with pacemaker placement day in Cojedes

Completely free surgical interventions
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Published at: 04/05/2024 09:49 AM

The Ministry of People's Power for Health is going ahead with a new day of pacemaker implantation at the Dr. Eugenio Mariano González Padilla hospital, located in Tinaco, Cojedes state.

This is an action for the benefit of cardiac patients whose request was made via VENAPP of the 1×10 of Good Governance.

With this day, there are 12 people to whom this electronic device has been placed through the ministerial office, in order to guarantee them a better quality of life.

“The pacemakers that were sent by the Bolivarian Government to guarantee the health of our people and provide a higher quality of life to those who today deserve this treatment,” said Dr. Manuel Rodríguez, the sole health authority in Cojedes, quoted by the press of the Ministry of Health. He emphasized that this surgical care provided to patients is provided free of charge.

Mazo News Team