Matea Bolívar: The Liberator's Nurse (+seeding)

Matea Bolívar, nurse of the Liberator

Published at: 29/03/2024 09:20 AM

On March 29, 1886, Negra Matea Bolívar died, who was the Maya of the Liberator Simon Bolivar while alive. Daughter and granddaughter of slaves who traditionally adopted the surname of their owners.

Matea was living in the Bolivar estate in San Mateo and also in the house of María Antonia, sister of the Liberator. She played Aya from a very young age, one of the younger Bolivars, including Simon, a little younger than her.

La Negra Matea saw Antonio Ricaurte die in the Battle of San Mateo, then Bolívar granted her freedom, however, she did not want to go, she stayed with her family.

He leaves with María Antonia to Havana, Cuba, fleeing the persecution of the realists. Once his homeland is liberated, he returns to Venezuela and learns of the death of his beloved Simon.

On October 28, 1876, when the ceremonies were held for the transfer of the remains of the Liberator from the Cathedral of Caracas to the National Pantheon, Matea was present, who entered the room together with the then President of the Republic, General Antonio Guzmán Blanco.

He died at the advanced age of 112, a longevity that amazed his time. The remains of Matea, thanks to the management of the Bolivarian Revolution, rest in the National Pantheon, together with her beloved boy Simon

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