Like the exorcist! María Con Ira exploded and promised to leave the Unitary Platform without funding

Palma de Coco suggested that the best thing would be to look for a candidate to replace her

Published at: 31/01/2024 09:56 PM

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriota Patricio the Maracucho

What was Diosdado? How are you my dear brother? Look at Diosdado, I have been very busy with the ZOOM meetings convened by Sayo, things for the street look good, but internally this is a hotbed everywhere. I have some information for you that you are going to go crazy, so put on your seat belt as if you were fast and furious:

Diosdado , when María Corina found out that the Supreme Court ratified her disqualification, she began to shout and say that the gringos had betrayed her, that Gerardo Blyde was another traitor and that she was being used as they did with Juanito Alimaña. La Sayo called the US ambassador Francisco Palma de Coco to form a triverguero for him, but Palma de Coco reminded her that he had already informed her that they had been unable to do anything with his disqualification, that they will try to tighten the sanctions as far as they can, but that the best thing would be to look for a candidate to replace her, that it was better not to waste the opportunity of this election. La Sayona blocked her call and began to scream like the woman in “The Exorcist”. Brother, that looked like a horror movie.

God I know that you are going to take this as a joke, but this is no laughing matter, everything I'm telling you really happened. Now I don't go into that Vente headquarters but with a mushy crucifix and a Big Cola bottle filled with holy water to protect me.

Look at Diosdado, after the press conference that María Corina gave on Monday, she locked herself in her personal office with Juan Pablo Guanipa, Andrés Velásquez, Delsa Solorzano, Freddy Superlano, Biagio Pilieri, César Pérez Vivas, María Beatriz Martínez, Oswaldo Álvarez Paz and Omar Barboza to agree on a path of resistance, including calling for more sanctions against Venezuela and, if necessary, achieving electoral abstention as in 2018. All those attending the meeting agreed, but on the condition that USAID send them financial resources as they did with the interim, that clean they cannot fight this battle. Sayo said that she would take care of that, but on the condition that these funds are managed by SÚMATE and not by the Unitary Platform, much less by the interim government of Dinorah Figuera.

On the other hand, Diosdado, so that you know that the alliance between Manuel Rosales, Ramos Allup, Gustavo Duque de Fuerza Vecinal, Henri Falcón and other actors of the more moderate opposition is being strengthened, since they do not want to abandon the electoral route and do not agree with economic sanctions. They are in permanent talks with Ambassador Palma de Coco.

Diosdado , with the authorization of Pablo Pérez, Primero Justicia was divided into three batons in Zulia: there is the smallest current of PJ led by Juan Pablo Guanipa and his group of radicals, on the other hand, there is the PJ led by Rafael Ramírez, the mayor of Maracaibo, and now, the current of PJ led by Pablo Pérez.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez and Pablo Pérez are making an alliance to get Juan Pablo Guanipa out of the game because they don't agree with his radical positions. Diosdado, all this information is leaking to me by José Bermúdez, the president of the Maracaibo City Council, who is also hungry for Tequeño Crudo.

Brother, you must admit to me that all the information I have given you has been true. EVERYTHING I told you happened as is. I have complied with you in every brother so that you are clear, now you compliment me and give me the second one with your friend the Sifrina, she is a little tough, she told me to go down, she says I am over kilos, I told her mija if I only weigh 180 kilos and that's not to die for, cousin got angrier. God forbid you don't let me die, help me.

Mom and the boys, as always send you greetings, they also send you a lot of congratulations for the victory of the Guaira Sharks.

I love you more than a coconut goat, with slices and a slice of zebu cheese, passed with a three-liter Big Cola.