José Leonardo Chirinos: Indomitable strength that runs in the veins of patriots (+Christmas)

José Leonardo Chirinos April 25, 1754 was born in the town of Curimagua, Falcón state

Published at: 25/04/2024 12:10 PM

On April 25, 1754, José Leonardo Chirinos was born in the town of Curimagua, Falcón State, a man who led the largest rebellion of slaves and humble people that broke out in the 18th century on the American continent, a movement that sparked the independence movement of the 19th century.

The son of a free indigenous woman and a black slave, Chirinos was forced to work from an early age, so he joined the crew of an Antillean merchant, allowing him to travel around the Caribbean and learn about the experience of the libertarian feat that promoted blackness in Haiti.

All this knowledge and rebellion that always characterized him, led him to join a group of conspirators who met at the Hacienda El Trapiche, located in his native Curimagua, where he met José Caridad González, a black Congolese who knew the ideas promoted by the French Revolution.

After long days of preparatory meetings and given his innate leadership capacity, José Leonardo became the leader of the movement that, on May 10, 1795, took up arms against the Spanish Empire, succeeding between battle and battle, to advance to the city of Coro, where they were combated by the realist army that, superior in men and weapons, managed to defeat the rebels.

The black Chirinos manages to escape and enters the mountains where he is captured as a result of betrayal by one of the insurgents, so he is sentenced to death, a sentence that was served on December 10, 1796, when he was taken to the gallows and after being hanged, his body was dismembered, placing his limbs in various areas of Caracas.

Today, 270 years after the birth of this rebel, the people are raising the emancipatory and anti-imperialist ideas of what is an indomitable force that runs in the veins of patriots who continue to fight to achieve definitive victory.

Mazo News Team