It's not going! Find out what the gringo Palmieri is up to who unleashed María Corina's desperation and anger

María “La Sayo” Machado
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Published at: 21/02/2024 10:26 PM

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriota Patricio the Maracucho

What was Diosdado? , How are you my dear brother? Watch Diosdado happy overdue day of love and friendship, you know that I love you more than a holiday like those that fall on a Friday or a Monday.

Brother, speaking of holidays, during carnival I went with mom and the boys to the new park that Maduro ordered to build in western Maracaibo, which is called Ana María Campos”. Cousin who is cute and big, I had to disguise myself as Sergeant Garcia, the one with the fox, it was the only costume I had left and yet it felt tight. You see brother, it's been 10 years since the coolest show on Venezuelan television, I still can't believe that you're my friend, all I always ask of you is discretion, what you and I talk about is just between us.

Give me a hug to the entire Mazo team and to all the Mazo-seers, I love them more than a trimollejuo patacon with tartar sauce, aguaita de sapo and boiled chimbo egg with a two-liter BigCola.

Aha! Brother, let's do our thing because what you're going to do is go crazy. Diosdado , I tell you that a shipwreck broke out between María Corina alias “La Sayo” and Juan Pablo Guanipa, alias “Tequeño Cruo”. You know that Sayo ended up delegating the organization of the tours and the Zulia state to him, well brother this decision didn't go down well with the Vente Zulia group led by Gustavo Ruiz because they say that Tequeño Cruo has a lot of rejection here in Zulia and if he calls for a political event inside a Chevette he has 5 places left over. Apart from all this, Gustavo Ruiz and Tequeño Cruo are hungry because they both want to be the governor of Zulia, but they are both stronger than the engine of the Fairlane 500 that I have lying around in my backyard. Because of all these inconveniences María Corina removed Juan Pablo from the Zulia command, she realized that he became pure TikTok videos and she no longer has people or her own party.

Diosdado, other information I have for you is that the US ambassador , Francisco Palma de Coco, informed María Corina that he is coordinating conversations with the Unitary Platform to choose a substitute or substitute, and that before the end of March you must have that name. María Corina told Palma de Coco that she will continue to fight for her qualification and that she would go all the way, but Palma de Coco pretended to disconnect the call and left her talking to herself. The gringos say that Sayo is not only losing strength but that her fanaticism is making her lose her mind. Brother like Sayo heard about the gossip that Ambassador Palma de Coco is spreading in the White House, that she is losing strength, María Corina invented herself and a tour of the east of the country to try to dilute these twists. The truth is that the tour is costing a million dollars since Henry Alviárez is offering up to $50 in cash per person for people to attend these events that can't even fill an entire block. Diosdado grabbed that Patrick comes to you with the atomic bomb, here I am sending you a video stating the payment, the person responsible is José Gregorio Contreras, head of the Sayo command in the state of Sucre.

Look Diosdado these things hurt me, cousin María Corina falls off my pedestal. She personally invited me to join her tour, but you know that she invents a lot with self-harm to victimize herself and those things give me a creep of fear lest they pass my hand on me, if they kill me and I die, mom will be left without her son, so I only attended a meeting that took place on Monday in Bejucal and I returned.

God, these things only happen to me. That day I had to go up to the bathroom upstairs because those downstairs were possessed by demons and I accidentally stopped by Sayo's office and I heard her talking on the phone with a person to whom she told her verbatim that the joke is Rocío San Miguel, if she had been involved in military issues for a long time, that she was part of the informants that the Americans had in Venezuela for the internal issues of the Armed Forces and she also served as an analyst of those same issues for the US embassy in Colombia doing periodic reports for your friend Jaime Historia, alias Toy Story, that's why his NGO received funding from USAID through the implementers, but Sayo also told this person that it didn't matter if Rocío was guilty or innocent, that the important thing was to report that he is a victim of the dictatorship. Mijo, I just ran to eat some tequeyoyos in the Zulian corner because of the anxiety caused me to hear that. Diosdado, so that no one realizes that María Corina is losing strength, the people of SÚMATE hired false polls for Polyanalytics, Meganalysis, Power & Strategies, soon the Datanalisis survey will come out saying that Sayo is above 80% of voting intention. This whole operation is being handled by Magalli Meda. There's a lot of money on the subject of fake polls, put the magnifying glass on that brother.

Well, Diosdado, that's all for now, you know that the tide was politically low last week because carnival and Luis Miguel's concert got involved. By the way brother, I found out that your friend Sifri went to see Luisms and didn't invite me, please cousin help me with your friend, I like her better than the episode of Chavo in Acapulco. Brother Mom sends you greetings, says that you have forgotten it, that you are still like the tip of the plastic tape: “Lost”.

Well brother you take care of me, I love you more than a big girl (the 5 dollar girl) with plenty of condensed milk and chocolate rain.

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