In Haiti, a Transitional Council comes to power after Henry's official resignation

The Transitional Council will appoint a new Government in the next few hours
Photo: Internet

Published at: 25/04/2024 11:30 AM

This Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry officially presented his letter of resignation, and as he announced several months ago in this regard, he appointed as his successor the Minister of Economy, Michel Patrick Boisvert.

Henry presented his resignation from office in a letter addressed to the members of the Council of Ministers that published it on digital networks.

In a statement, he said: “I present the resignation of my government. I congratulate the members of the government, the collaborators, the Public Administration, the Security Forces, and all those who have accompanied me during this patriotic journey,” he says in the text of the letter, dated in Los Angeles.

Mazo News Team