Hugo Chávez Brigades will be formed starting April 5 across the country

Meeting of the Social and Territorial Vice Presidency.
Internet photo

Published at: 01/04/2024 08:02 AM

The process of forming the Hugo Chávez Brigades of the Great Equality and Social Justice Mission will begin next Friday, April 5, throughout the country, as announced by the Minister of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements, Guy Vernáez, during a meeting of the Social and Territorial Vice Presidency.

According to information from the Ministry for the Communes, during the meeting, the road map was also drawn up to work in detail on the details of the Great Mission of Grandparents and Grandmothers of the Fatherland, which he announced as head of state and will be born in 15 days.

In addition, Vernáez presented a balance sheet about the National Popular Consultation to be held on April 21.

It should be noted that the Hugo Chávez Brigades are part of the first apex of this Great Mission, which corresponds to the Organization for Equality and Social Justice. From there, the first 40,000 brigades will be formed in all the communities of the country.

This program will join the new generation of Great Missions system, which includes the Great Mission Equality and Social Justice “Hugo Chávez”; Long Live Venezuela, My Dear Homeland; Venezuela Mujer; and Venezuela Joven.