Head of State: Zionism is behind the extreme right and surnames in Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Presidential Press

Published at: 19/04/2024 05:25 PM

Zionism is behind the extreme right. Here in Venezuela they are behind the last names, Machado, Capriles, everyone came out to applaud the genocide against the Palestinian people, everyone came out to applaud the assault and missile bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, everyone, Machado, López, Capriles

This was denounced by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro during the Meeting for a World Social Alternative, the Head of State, stressed that the peoples who lead political power and those who are in resistance, are aware and are active, informed and mobilized in the fight against neoliberalism and fascism that emerge as alternatives.

Fascist and neoliberal options today are reflected in Vox in Spain, Milei in Argentina, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Netanyahu in Israel. Fascism is the horrible face of the image of Hitler, it is on the face of Netanyahu, a war criminal, a murderer of peoples,” he said.

The President warned that Zionism is hidden in alternatives such as Bolsonaro and Milei, through funding and argued that in the case of Venezuela, he also has allies on the extreme right behind the surnames of Machado, Capriles, López, a construct of Zionism who follow lines from imperialism.

Zionism is the spearhead of fascism in the world and it is getting into Latin America, alert! I can only tell you that in Venezuela they will not happen, this people will triumph in the face of fascism and Zionism of their surnames, the oligarchy or whatever they call it.”

Mazo News Team