Head of State swore in the team promoting the Great Women's Movement “Josefa Joaquina Sánchez”

Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Presidential Press

Published at: 11/04/2024 06:53 PM

This Thursday, the Head of State Nicolás Maduro took the oath of office of the team promoting the Great Movement of Movements “Josefa Joaquina Sánchez”, from the Acoustic Shell “February 27, 1989”, located in Simón Bolívar Park, Miranda state.

These 517 women leaders are part of the team promoting this Great Movement, made up of members of women's social organizations from all over the country, ensuring compliance with the policies of the Great Venezuela Women's Mission and all its vertices.

One of the premises of the movement is the deployment and execution of the Venezuelan Women's Agenda for Women's Empowerment, Equity and Equality, focused on the 2024-2030 transformation.

To fulfill this agenda, meetings will be held in all 4. 500 communal circuits in the country's states, with the objective of strengthening women's organization in the fight for equality and social justice.

This Great Movement establishes the organization of more than 20,000 women's committees, in addition to the census of sectoral movements in recognition of the power of organization and action of women in Venezuelan society.

The diverse women's organizations represent the wealth and strength of the movement, which seeks to unite women from different fields to work together towards a common goal: the construction of a more just and equitable society for women.

The President highlighted the importance of respecting sectorial and territorial diversity within the women's movement across the country, which includes women entrepreneurs, scientists, indigenous people, Afro-descendants, workers, peasants, fisherwomen, professionals, artists, and others.

They accompanied the Dignitary, Cilia Flores de Maduro, first combatant and deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Delcy Rodríguez, Executive Vice President of the Republic, Gabriela Jiménez, Sectorial Vice President for Science, Technology, Education and Health and Minister of Popular Power for Science and Technology, Dheliz Álvarez, Minister of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality, authorities of the Executive Office and special guests.

Mazo News Team