Head of State: In 2023, the goal of 264,541 tons of fish was achieved

Fisherman's Day celebration from Sucre state
Courtesy Presidential Press

Published at: 14/03/2024 06:40 PM

From the state of Sucre, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported that 264,541 tons of fish were caught in 2023, representing an increase of 13%.

“There are very important data on how fishing, capture in Venezuela, sea and river fish and aquaculture have increased (...) 264,541 tons of fish were caught in 2023, which means 13% more catch than the previous period thanks to the people of the sea, rivers and aquaculture,” he said.

The Head of State specified that “of the total, 195,000 tons were captured in territorial waters and 27,549 tons in international waters.” In that regard, he stated that sardines were in first place with 73% increase in catchment followed by white shrimp, tajalí, national tuna, coporo, striped catfish, lake curvy, octopus (grew 244%), horse mackerel and lobster.

He pointed out that “every year that passes we have to improve in organization, in technique, in financing, in support” to strengthen the country's fishing sector”.

Mazo News Team