Head of State commemorates five years of the Battle of the Bridges

Presidential work day from Miraflores
Courtesy Presidential Press

Published at: 23/02/2024 05:12 PM

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, spent a day of work from the 1x10 Command Post in the Miraflores Palace.

“Today marks exactly 5 years since the battle that Venezuela fought for its sovereignty, for its right to peace, it was called the Battle of the Bridges, but it was the battle of bridges and streets, avenues, fields, towns, neighborhoods, cities, it was the battle we all fought and won,” he said.

The head of state also took the opportunity to reiterate the invitation to register for the Great Viva Venezuela Mission starting Saturday, March 2. “Don't forget that the registration process, the census, of all the country's cultivators, of all the cultural, musical, dance and theater groups starts on Saturday, March 2,” he said.

Mazo News Team