He swore revenge on the Philosopher of Zulia! Find out what La Sayo's strategy will be to sabotage PU candidacies

When La Sayo heard about Rosales' inscription, the screams were so loud: that the bottom floor of Quinta Bejucal cracked

Published at: 27/03/2024 09:24 PM

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriota Patricio the Maracucho

Look, Diosdado, you have to make me a statue and recognize that everything I have reported to you has happened. I was the first to tell you on October 25 of last year that Manuel Rosales, alias “The Philosopher of Zulia”, would be a presidential candidate. Look cousin I hit it more than Orangel and the 12 of the sign.

Primo, you know that I started my military career in Vente Venezuela when they offered me some charges to inflate the primaries in favor of María Corina, and although later I discovered that Vente is a cult like that of the Ku Klux Klan, I stayed because I had become fond of Sayo, but I'm getting out of here.

Last Thursday I arrived in Caracas because La Sayo summoned her circle of trust, she had everything ready to leave the succession to Corina Yoris alias “La Vieja de los Mangos” because what she fights is Verga. On Friday at about 12:00 noon, I was about to eat my mac and cheese, two surgeries and my two-liter Big Cola, when La Sayo calls me to accompany her to smoke, you know that I don't smoke, but in order to bring you the cake, I smoke all the way to Popeye the Marino pipe, Diosdado listen to me, La Sayo told me “Patrik I'm going to fuck you up”, then I understood that it was the name of the “Old Man of the Mangos”.

Diosdado, when La Sayo found out early Tuesday that Rosales had registered as a presidential candidate, the cries were so loud: that the bottom floor of Quinta Bejucal cracked, that was like seeing Chuki's fiancée the diabolic doll. Primo, I haven't been so afraid for a while. Looking into my eyes, La Sayo swore to take revenge on the Philosopher of Zulia, rehired the Panamanian agency for attacks on social networks and ordered the journalists who are still charging for the payroll of SÚMATE, ExxonMobil and AN2015 to join together to destroy Rosales, calling him a traitor and a scorpion. Brother, La Sayo also told me that she was going to use all her influences in the international community to sanction Manuel Rosales and freeze all his assets abroad. Diosdado, La Sayo is going to beat Manuel up more than a bagpipe drum in December.

After that episode, I had to listen to the conversation between La Sayo and the US ambassador, Francisco Palma de Coco. La Sayo formed a verguero for Palma de Coco because she says that the gringos' plan was always to support the Philosopher and use her as they did with Juan Guaidó, alias Juanito Alimaña. Palma de Coco made him lose signal and locked his phone.

Diosdado, I ran out and came to Maracaibo, because La Sayo wanted to send me to bring food to those who are hiding in the house of the Argentine ambassador, after they started to conspire against Super Mustache, now they are more yellow than Antonio Ledezma's interiors. But I'm in luck, because I came and they hired me to mobilize some people from Saint Lucia for the event that Manuel Rosales had here today, brother, I have to confess that people moved the pussy. The bad thing was that in the middle of the speech he changed the date of the elections twice, first he said it was January 28, then it would be April 28 and then a shambles returned to everyone with the date, we were more confused than an atheist in the sky, that pussy speaks more nonsense than a Chinese tongue twister.

The last fact I give you for today is that María Corina is thinking of supporting the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia, the cover that the MUD applied for. La Sayo wants to do that to sabotage the candidacy of Manuel Rosales, but what she doesn't know is that it was Rosales himself, who was involved with Ramos Allup and Capriles who nominated him, takes the stage that a better story is coming than the Morillos affair with Puma.

Diosdado so you know, my Farline 500 screwed up again, it seems to be the crankcase, so I couldn't take the route you asked me to see how the PSUV behaves in the State. But tomorrow anyway, I'll get on my homework.

Primo, I also wanted to tell you, but please don't tell anyone, that the joke of Vente Venezuela, after I went into debt to give him the iPhone 15, left me for another one, I'm doing badly in love, I need your advice brother.

Dear God, mom tells you that she will be praying for you during Holy Week and that you take advantage of these days to rest, that the days to come are gibberish.

What I love you is dick brother, I love you more than a really cold and cool case of beer.